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Review: Dynastar Omeglass 64 Comp & Fischer AMC 79

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SkiSmith out of Columbus had the demo van at the slopes today, so I took the opportunity to try a couple pairs of skis. Most of the skis they had to demo I really wasn't interested in trying. However, they did have a pair of Dynastar Omeglass Comps in a 165. I definitely wanted to try that.

Conditions today were firmly packed man made that was starting to thaw. Basically, it was firm with grip. I am a level 7/8 skier, 6' 245 lbs (working on that part) and I ski on Head SuperShapes in a 170 and Nordica SpeedMachine 14 boots. The testing loop was 3 runs down the main slope making a variety of turns.

When I saw they had a race stock slalom ski to demo in a 165, I had to give that a try. I haven't had a chance to do that yet, so this was the first time on a pure racing ski. The first loop I started slow and easy to get a feel for the skis, but, I could tell these skis really didn't like that, so, after 2 turns, I let 'er rip. As the speed came up, the ski came alive. The faster I went, the more I could lay it over and the tighter it would arc. Neat! By the 3rd run I was really pushing to try and find the limits; however, I never found the skis limit, I found mine. (Basically, I crashed without falling down - thank God no one was in the way.) My impression is this is an uncompromising, no holds bared ski for racing or aggressive carving. At speed, it's very lively, with unbelievable edge hold and the narrowest sweet spot of any ski I've ever been on. I felt like I could never let up on it. For that reason, I'm going to seriously consider getting a pair of race stock slaloms down the road just for the training aspect of it.

I wanted to also look at the Fischer AMC 79s in (176) just to get a feel for an all-mountain ski. Granted the conditions weren't ideal for this kid of ski and I really didn't do much with it. The ski was very damp and in the hard snow it was slower edge to edge than what I am used to. Laying RR tracks with almost double the turn radius of the slaloms, the ski never generated any speed. However, it was easy to ski and had a huge sweet spot. It would be interesting to ski on soft snow or powder. I don't think it's a good ski for eastern conditions.

My $.02 YMMV
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Thanks for the review.

I always wondered how a FIS SL ski would feel, compaired to the Supershape. Can you compair the two?

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I'll try.

The biggest difference IMHO is the Supershape is more versatile and the Omeglass Comp is an OMG, did I just do that, ski which demands your full and complete attention 100% of the time.

The Comps in a 165 are a lot heavier and stiffer torsionally and longitudinally. At slow speeds it's cumbersome and unresponsive. The Supershapes responsive at slow speeds. When I first got on the Supershapes, I thought the sweet spot was really narrow. The Comps are an order of magnitude narrower. If I get a little in the back seat, the Supershapes let you know and I can correct it before it gets out of hand. On the Comps a little in the back seat is out of control. I can't imagine skiing the Comps in bumps or powder; however, the Supershape works well in those conditions. The Supershape is a very responsive ski, but the Comp at Speed is unbelievably responsive.

Basically, I was laying RR tracks with the comp while cranking tight turns and carrying a lot of speed. I had someone in front of me do something unexpected and I had to really crank a turn. The turn tightened and I never stopped carving and I didn't slow down. I'm not sure the Supershapes would have kept carving in that situation.

I think to give it perspective, if the Supershapes are like a high performance road car, say a Ferrari F40, the Comps are like an Ferrari F1 car.
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