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Europe's deserted ski slopes

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So is there really a busted season in Europe or is this 'story' just a big blow? BBC story on bad year for Europe's ski season
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I know where all the British skiiers are, New England. In the North Conway area it seems that you hear more English accents than Boston accents.
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Hey Goose,
Are you sure you are not confusing those British accents. There are many South African's that work the mountains as ski lift workers. Just about every worker at Waterville Valley are from South Africa.
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Well, it's not only the war drums (although that may have a big part in it, like in the 91 gulf war, the best skiing year that I experienced so far, nearly empty slopes and all)
but I think it's also a combination of the resort having done nothing serious to keep their customers.
As an example, I used to go sking to Alta Badia, until 1997, since then, with a family of four, I couldn't bear the costs.
The only answer from the hotels I used to go was: "bad for you
we have a list this long of people that wish to come, bye".
This despite being a long term customer (started going there at 13...). This as a consequence has brought that most of the people that still go there are old, there is no new pwople going (at least from my village).
I wanted to go, this year, but I haven't managedto find a reasonable priced room/flat, yet (avg is 140Euro a day for the family, breakfast+dinner, without counting the lift passes, the journey and lunch)
As far as empty slopes, it seems that people tend to stay in places where they can go and come back in the same day.
I tend to spend my saturdays (afternoon or the whole day) at the
nearest resort (37km), this way I've been able to ski at least once per week since jan 6th. Still, crowds were somehow "normal"...

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Thought you might like a European report from the horses mouth!I'm just back from a week in Finkenberg (small village between Mayrhofen and the glacier at Hintertux) in the Tirol in Austria, with a party of 10. I can report that the town, the slopes and the bars were pretty busy. The snow has been pretty poor since Christmas in this part of the Alps, but began to fall again 2 weeks ago, and it snowed beautiful powder at some point almost every day we were there. We had a great time, but certainly didn't have the pistes or the lifts to ourselves (we wish!) - all the people I know who ski every season are still skiing, so not sure about that report!

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I cant believe it mentioned Fears of a War in Iraq as a reason for having a less than average year. We shall see if the UN nations put any serious form of financial or military backing on our war against the EVIL power that sits right next door to Europe !

How could fears of a war with Iraq possibly keep skiers off slopes over there? Are their skiers less hardcore than ours? No! They invented the sport! They'll keep skiing with or without a war that they will not support or back in an meaningful way beyond a show of UN solidarity to say that they were there too. It all adds up to me as a bunch of BS. That is just their way( the liberal media, that is) trying to put an anti-conservative spin on Bush's so-called war mongering. You know that journalism has gone to a low level when it reports hostilities between foreign nations makes skiers ski less and boarders ride less.

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The threats of war with Iraq has many people leery not because of potential violence but because of the effect on the world economy. When people are uncertain about the economy they cut back on non-essential spending and vacations are one of the first casualties. Nobody really knows what a war in Iraq will do to oil prices and stability in the Middle East and that uncertainty is causing the world economy to go into limbo.
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I don't what "it" is, but aside from the Christmas/New Years time, our visitors here in Park City are definitely down from years' past... it could be the poor snow (until now), the economy or the war threat - I really think it's a serious combination of all three along with a bit of 9-11 hangover too. It definitely exists though and although things are picking up a little bit, the coincidence of this all happening right through our prime booking time realy sucks!
Oh well, more powder for me...
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