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Atomic GS 12pb vs Fischer RC4 WC RC?

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It's down to these two for me as a Nastar cheater ski.

Both have a unique plate design that allows the ski to flex under the binding. The Fischer seems to have been the cheater ski of choice for the last few seasons, but the new 12pb gets slightly higher review rating in race performance.

Has anybody tried both?
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Have you tried both? Both brands, that is?

To me Atomics have a very different feel than Fischers, always have. I use Fischer RC4 WC GS (race stock) as my everyday ski and used to race on Fischers in college. Me likes my Fischers. I slay the NASTAR course with 'em.

One difference is the plate: Fischer plates will accept any binding; Atomic plates are proprietary.

Both skis are fine skis, to be sure. You should really try to demo them, or demo similar skis in each line (like the FIS-sidecut GS skis) just to compare the *feel* of each. From both, you'll get superior edgegrip and great responsiveness. I tend to think of Fischers as being more stable and torsionally stiffer than Atomics. My friend the zealous Atomic missionary swears that his edgegrip is better as well the quickness edge-to-edge. When I compare their GS skis (FIS legal), I think the Fischers get better with speed--rock steady on edge--and I can flex the Atomics into tighter turns easier than I'd like to, even at slower speeds. But that has more to do with how I ski and my height/weight on that ski length for GS skis.

When you're talking about skis at this level, you really need to feel the difference yourself. Given the same length and sidecut, they will both be exceptionally competent and hold whatever line you put them on through the gates. The differences will be in *your personal preferences*.

But I'd say get the Fischers
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I have tried both brands - my current race ski is a set of 2005 SL 11m 165's and they have really improved my times, but I know I could do better on a GS sidecut. I tried the older verion of the RC4 that didn't have the flow flex plate, which, from what I understand , really improves the tracking of the ski. The RC4s I tried reminded me a lot of my Rossi 9x's - damp and rock solid at speed, a little tough turning when the course was rutted, which is often the case on Nastar courses. My Atomic SL's handle rutted courses with ease. I entered a race at snowmass last year, where the final turn had rutted so badly several skiers were spit off their saddle, but the Atomics handled it fine, in large part, I'm sure, to the race plate. It's really hard to find a demo set that has the Fischer Flowflex plate and that seems to be the real advantage of the ski.
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Wow. I've got a pair of Rossi 9x's that I think are squirrelly and soft. Just goes to show...

If you like your Atomics, then go for the GS12's. You won't be disappointed. (But, yes, without the plate, skiing any ski is like driving a car without power steering.)
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