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TR (pics): Aborted ESA Aspen (1/22-1/23)

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I had a pretty short ESA. It was fun while it last though. Drove up from Denver on Sunday afternoon through the snow. The welcome gathering was well-attended, and Weems gave his Sports Diamond talk, and we watched some very interesting motorcycling race sequences.

Weems kicks off ESA Aspen 2007:

Day 1
We all met up at the end of the Snowmass Mall in our groups. I was in Megan Harvey's group with dp, js137, bbinder, sheskis, Mary, and Elaine. We did some warmup runs off the Big Burn. Great groomers. We made our way into some bumps and crud before lunch. Megan is an amazing skier -- just so smooth, fluid, and powerful. It was a treat to ski with her. No matter the terrain, she always looked the same.

Our group in Free Fall:

Negotiating the bumps in Free Fall:





After lunch at the top of Alpine Springs, we did the short hike up from High Alpine to the top of Hanging Valley Headwall to a gorgeous view.

We've reached the end of our hike:

And this is where we stand:

We skied the Headwall down to Wall 2. Getting into Headwall was tricky because the lip was lined with bare rocks. But once we got in it was fantastic. Soft and deep snow everywhere. The whole Hanging Valley area was an absolute blast!

We worked on some more technique the rest of the day before finishing by watching our videos.

Day 2
For our second day we headed up to Ajax. Rode up the never-ending Silvery Queen Gondola to the top. Did some warm-up groomers off Ajax Express and Ruthie's.

Megan gives us the tour of Aspen:

Aspen Highlands from the top of Ruthie's:

Highland Bowl, our destination for tomorrow:

Sharing a laugh:

dp peers over the edge:

Megan gives us some tips:

A gorgeous day in Aspen:

Panorama of Aspen Highlands from Aspen Mt:

It was then I had my crash. We were on a groomer and came up to a roll-over. Beyond it were bumps. I noticed it too late and in trying to stop, went head over heels. My skis failed to release and I wrenched my right knee pretty bad. dp did a quick on-mountain stability test of the knee. I was able to flex it all around but it was very tender. I decided to call it a day and not aggravate it. Thankfully, I was able to ski down without much problem.

Vitamin I and ice helped throughout the day, but the knee still felt very unstable with any weight on the heel. My ESA was definitely over. I was able to drive back home to Denver the next day.

Saw the doctor today -- seems like it may be a partial ACL tear. MRI's are due next week, so we'll know more then. Looks like my season may be over too.

On the bright side, with our first child on the way, my season was coming to a close anyway, so I didn't lose out too much. It does suck to have missed out on hiking Highlands Bowl and the LGC gatherings. Oh well, I guess it comes with the territory!
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Sorry to hear about your knee, but congrats on Little Faisasy...he/she will change your life in ways you can't imagine. I'm going to miss your TR pics!
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Selfishly, I'm sorry you weren't able to finish the week. Nice one-day TR and Aspen sure looks good. Highlands Bowl wasn't even inbounds terrain when I was last there. Might be due for a visit.

Hope all is well with the MRI thingy. We sure don't need more gimps around here.
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Great pics Faisal. Sorry to hear about the knee. Unfortunately I guess our first day on the hill together may be our last for the season. I'll surely miss skiing with you. I guess I'll have to make more local skier friends to go up with. Heal that thing up and prepare for the little one coming soon. We'll definitely keep in touch and get together again soon. We owe you dinner at our place now that we're pretty settled.
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Another knee bites the dust! Sorry, Faisasy, that just sucks! Rehab well, enjoy that new bebe, and perhaps we'll see you next year at an Epic event!
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Faisal -- thanks for the great pictures. We missed you out on the mountain! FWIW, I was diagnosed with a partial MCL and meniscus tear about 15 years ago, and have been able to avoid the knife so far. Good luck on the new arrival.
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