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St. Moritz help for Febuary

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My boss is heading to St. Moritz for a long week, he is a novice skier and is coming with a group.

Need a place to rent gear. He will be coming with no gear at all. I would like to have him contact a shop that he can reserve a good set up.

Need an internet cafe for access.

Anyone know about cell service in town and possibly renting a cell phone?

Any other suggestions would be appreciated.
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Try this place...not sure if they have on line Reservations, but you can also just walk in a rent. No problem. Keep in mind, St. Mortiz has lots of small towns around it. SkiService is located in St. Moritz Dorf, right by the Gondola. They also have one in St. Moritz Bad and I think a few others. Decent Equip.

Good Luck
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