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snowboarding girlz

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hi all. Firstly, it was amazing finding this forum! It is nice to see rather than the samo promo crap in the magazines etc...I am looking for some board help here as I am a skiier for many years but my 9yr old daughter says skiing is for old people...ah well times have changed...regardless this girl seems do be getting dam good at it in only one season...she can carve front and back side turns easy on most all terrain except the black diamond stuff...she love the trees,powder and crud and is getting into small jumps and rails in the novice terrain park...my question is I bought her a basic beginner board from sportmart a firefly eccentric*30...which seems to be ok for her I guess as I know zip about boards....however, that board has taking wings and is gone...ya sad but true...now I need to get her a new board....should I just get her something the same or step up to something better to hold her for the next 2 seasons?... what am I looking for in a freestyle board etc?..any and all comments would help me figure this one out...thanks all.
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Welcome! Very sorry to hear about the board taking flight.

In talking about board choices, it's helpful to know how tall she is, foot size and how much she weighs roughly.
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If it moves, tie it down, if it doesn't paint it grey!
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well thx and ya you don't wanna know about the board incident!...oh sorry yes size and weight of the mini boardchick....ah about 4'10" and 65lbs.
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I think in length you're looking for roughly a 125cm board with her being that size. Manufacturers don't really give a lot of choice between models for young kids (they're basically all freestyle models) , so one thing you might do is check EBAY and similar online places for board/binding combos and see what deals are available in roughly that size. I don't have any experience with the differences between brands (Burton, K2, Ride, etc.) performance-wise, if any, for kid's boards, but someone else here may.

Also, it might be good to check the classifieds here, on www.bomberonline.com, and www.tetongravity.com among other places to see what might be available.

Anyone have a board that their kid is growing out of currently?

Good luck!
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As you can see, I moved this thread to the gear section.

It sounds like your daughter is definitely ready to step up to the next level of gear quality, but that she's not quite ready for top end gear yet. You want to find gear that has better materials than your average Sportmart stuff. The easiest way to do this is to visit your local snowboard shops. They are going to have better gear and better advice. Strangely enough, even with better quality gear, she's going to be quickly reaching the stage where she's going to wear out even the good stuff. So don't be shocked if a strap needs to get replaced next year or she's ready to trade up again in another year or two.

The most important thing to be careful of is to not get a board that is too stiff. You can feel the difference in stiffness by holding the board upright and trying to push the middle of the board, but this is something a shop can give you the best advice on. A stiffer board than what she had will improve her riding, but going to stiff is going to stifle it. It's a little hard to read the specs on a board and know if a wood core is better than a foam core is better than having a metal layer inside or what quality ptex is used for the base, but in general, the higher the list price, the more quality is in the board and the better it will perform. For some people, the graphics on the board are important too. For certain, ugly graphics can spoil the experience. Of course, perceptions of ugliness and coolness may vary. You may need to consult an expert on this (i.e. your daughter).

Two big things to consider with bindings are comfort and ease of use. If at all possible, bring in your boots and try the set up out in a store. Another advantage of using a shop is that you can ask them to help tweak the binding setup for the best fit. Sometimes it helps to offset the heel cup for a tighter fit. Make sure that you also learn how to adjust the highback forward lean. Make sure that you have the straps adjusted so that they ratchet tight into the middle of the strap vs too long or too short.

Although you've not told the story of the old board, one thing to make sure of is that your daughter has a cable lock to secure her new board while she's on the mountain. Don't forget to get a stomp pad. Ask your daughter whether she wants it in the middle or positioned towards the back foot. She should carry a snowboard tool for emergency fixes. She should also have helmet so that she can safely head butt the guys after successful tricks in the park. So as long as you're at it, get all the extra stuff too.
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well thanks for all of it...and ya the sportcheck stuff was just a place to start. I am going to go to the local board shop for help...hard to get good advice though...I was just hoping to get her stuff that will go a couple seasons anyway...cost factors etc...however I do want her in some equipment that will give her confidence and the abiltity to grow with the board...she has all her safety stuff...I know you talked about the flex of the board and it sounds similiar to skis so I get the pic..she has already had binding issues in hard to realease from them when getting on the chair...one strap has already broken off and has been replaced...now she carries and extra...I have no idea what you are talking about regarding the binding adjustments???...ya I see you can move them around but I have know idea why or what's right...and ya graphics...ha that's way important!..gotta look cool alright...LOL...thx again
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Jr. Gear

The link below should help your search. Volkl makes awesome gear for kids and for adults.


Once she's a little bigger and more aggressive w/ her riding style she may want to look at one of these:





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Originally Posted by facedown View Post
I have no idea what you are talking about regarding the binding adjustments???...ya I see you can move them around but I have know idea why or what's right
Most bindings have multiple positions for the heel piece to attach to the main part of the binding to adapt for different sizes of boots. But on some bindings you don't necessarily have to attach the heel piece to the same set of holes on each side. This will put the heel piece on "cock eyed". This may or may not give you a more solid fit. The idea is to try it and see if it works. You can do a lot of basic experimenting inside, but the ultimate test is always on snow performance.
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Where tio buy Volkl jr boards on closeout, etc.


Volkl definitely makes killer boards in general. Since you rep for them if I understand correctly, are you aware of anywhere where the o.p. might get the Excell on closeout or otherwise get a good deal?
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