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Hello everyone, I’m a 35 year old guy that will try to ski for the first time in his life through a couple of lessons I will be taking next week. I will be taken these lessons at Spring Mountain (Pennsylvania) and they will charge me for $50 for the 1 ½ hour lessons plus the equipment rental. What should I expect of this? Will I learn to ski at 35 with this system or should I seek something else? Any suggestions/recommendations are appreciated.
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Given one or two days and a decent beginner package with lift, rental, and 1.5 hour lesson each day, the vast majority of adults should be making runs on a learning slope and some regular "easiest" (marked with a green circle) runs serviced by a chair lift. The only exception would be people who have had no life experience at all with motion type sports. Did you ride a bike, roller skate, ice skate, or do the typical American sports when you where a kid? If so, you should have no problem.

Dress appropriately and get to the mountain a good hour or so before the program starts to get thru ticketing and rentals with a rush and you will enhance your happy experience.

Good luck and have fun. I know more than one skier who didn't start til their 40s that are now veteran instructors and trainers. It's never to late to start.
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I agree. By the end of the first lesson, you should be ready for, or may during the lesson, taking your first run on the easiest beginner hill. How far the class gets during the first 90 minutes may vary not only on your abilities, but on the abilities of the others in your class. It's a lowest-common-denominator thing. They can't take the class up on the chair until everyone in the class is ready. But if you are doing well and your class doesn't get to ride the lift, the instrcutr should at least show you how to ride load and unload the chair, so that you'll be ready to go on your own after the class is done.

if you take a second lesson at the beginning of the second day, you should come out of that with a considerable increase in your skills, and should be able to handle something slightly steeper. But I don't know Spring Mountain, so I don't know haw much variety they have at the beginner levels. If it's a significant step to the next harder run, it probably won't happen quiate as quickly.

Have fun, and let us know how it went when you get back.
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Never too late

Welcome to skiing. I began skiing when I was 50. This is my 5th season and I ski the diamonds with no big problems now and I wouldn't consider myself some major athlete. Take your time with it. Each year you'll get better and want to learn and try something new skiing. Like bumps, better techniques for handling ice, better edging, etc.
And since I'm so close to where you've started the only advice I could tell you is learn to fall and relax when you do fall. Fighting falling will just put strain on your knees and you don't want that.

Best wishes

Tips up
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If you are just starting out on rental equipment, be sure the boots fit as well as possible. Take your time and make sure the fit is very snug and you have no pain. If you read a bit on Epicski, you find that boot fitting is a major topic. It will make all the difference.

Also make sure your skis have a edge on them. The inexpensive beginner rental skis are often poorly maintained.

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I'm kind of like skibisquit. I took my first lesson just before my 49th birthday. And I was reluctant to try to start skiing at that advanced age (Ice Queen made me). We had a 3 day beginner package which I think was a very good thing. I would gladly have quit after day 1 and never returned but things started to be fun on the 2nd day and soon we were skiing almost every weekend and planning ski vacations. We've really had a blast. Though I have a long way to go, lessons have dramatically improved my technique and expanded the terrain on which I'm comfortable. So go and focus on simply enjoying the process. Don't get discouraged if you struggle a bit at first. The whole process, including getting boots on and getting around in them, can be pretty foreign. Your definately not too old. Just be patient and a bit persistent. And have fun.
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The boot should fit--with a good ski sock--so that it grasps your foot like a firm two-handed handshake. Don't put anything else in the boot than your foot and a ski sock. Tucking long johns, jeans cuffs, etc. into the top of the boot will result in pressure points that give you sores or blisters rapidly.

Stand your rental skis outside for at least a quarter hour before putting them into the snow. Warm skis melt the snow, forming water droplets that then freeze and make the skis feel like you're trying to slide with sandpaper stuck to the bottom.

Thin layers of clothing that can be removed when you work up a sweat--you'll be working up a sweat--are better than one really heavy outer garment. When I teach beginner classes I always work up a sweat.
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Welcome to Epic and the world of skiing.

The most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the learning expierence. Don
t put expectations on your performance, it can lead to frustration. The first lesson is about learning a little about the equipment, how to move around with it and gliding. Everything else you learn is beyond the first lesson goals.

Good luck and have fun.

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Next time you rent ... but ... hopefully you will be hooked and yearn for your own gear, , don't rent at the hill.

Rental gear at the hill is often a "wham bam & thank you ma'am next!"

Rental gear at a shop ... not all shops .. sometimes local is good .. you will get better fitting boots that are D-R-Y and ask for skis that have some W-A-X .. rental fleet skis at the hill never see wax, sharpening or any maintenance.

They will have time to spend with you getting a proper fitting boot. One of the first questions you'll have is how can they ski like that all day???? Answer is .... we don't. Our boots don't fit like that. Please don't judge skiing gear as .... that, that, errrrrr, that stuff ...
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