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Conditions at Whitetail

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Anyone been there yet? I know it's all machine made, but wondering if it's worth heading up there this weekend.
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I was there last weekend and the conditions were pretty good (No ice from what I could tell) . It was pretty crowded though, with so little of the mountain being open.

They have alot more terrain this weekend so it should be much better, plus it should get up to the mid 40s which will make things nice and soft.

I'll probably be at Liberty with the family on Saturday.
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I was also there last saturday and though they only had one run off of the high speed quad, it was in good shape. I skied it for three hours with no lines and got in a fair amount of vertical . Tomorrow it will be great! My buddy works there and called me to say just about all is open and conditions are exceptional. Whitetail's snowmaking is incredible these days when they get some cold weather. Though I ski Snowshoe quite a bit, Whitetail skis nicer than all of the front side of Snowshoe when conditions are right. Obviously Cupp and shays are in a whole different league. For and advanced skier the drive to Snowshoe is a tough call if the Western territory isn't open. YMMV
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Thanks for the reports. Looks like I'll head up there tomorrow and hopefully it will still be decent!
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Went to Whitetail today and the skiing was great. Not much crowds at first but by 11:30 all chairs were packed so I called it a day. Get there really early for first chairs and it can still be worth it. Have a good day up there.
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