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Why you love to ski/board.

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I'm not sure if this topic has been discussed, but I would like to hear your reasons. I know a lot of the answers might seem obvious, but I want you to give those answers that may not be so obvious. My top 10 reasons for skiing are as follows:

1. Freedom. You're in control (well, in most cases).

2. Speed. Where else can you go that fast without wheels or wings?

3. What better way to get to know your family? I ski with my dad, my grandpa, my uncles and cousins. There are some good times.

4. Powder. What else can I say?

5. The crisp feel of a cold, clear winter day.

6. The mountains. I love 'em.

7. Going down sure beats climbing up.

8. There's always "The next trip".

9. The drive to and from the resort can get pretty fun with my friends.

10. Honestly, there's not that much else to do outdoors when it's snowy.
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For those few seconds I feel the ground slide beneath my feet, my knees bent and shuddering as they absorb bumps and irregularities, I have no life. I dont mean this the way others use it to mean a person is a "loser". I mean everything related to life is gone. How often have you thought about a mortgage while ripping a black diamond. When were you ever considering how to pay down credit card debt while blasting bumps, and in my case, how often have you rode your freind's tails into a fresh glade during a maniacal game of follow-the-leader while pondering your Chemistry exam. I mean that in all aspects, when I ski, I am no longer a man, I am a skier, free from the tedious laws of life that say you cant go faster than 20 mph on foot or that you shouldnt do something because it's dangerous or to be human means to lose the grace of movement animals posess and humans strive to acheive. Sure, I'm a skier and this is why I do it.

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Hey, nice, Karsten! I like that!
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It's the feel of a clean glide, the sound of silent snowfall, the smell of pine, the taste of icy water out of the fountain, the sight of cathedral rocks rising above the snow fields that remind me that this is a place of worship. Amen.
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It gives a person the chance to discover and express himself in ways he never thought possible. Able to defy gravity if only for a moment. To make incredible recoveries that only you will witness or not. To share the whole experience with others of the same mind. Now if it would just stop raining!
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Because it's FUN!
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Misquoting someone:
(God made men different, Samuel Colt made them equal)
When I practice a sport, any sport, and particularly skiing, I feel on a par to any other man and woman on earth...
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Around here, its something you just do 'cause there's lots around and every body else does. I don't know anyone who would ever dream of flying anywhere to go skiing.
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It's the closest I can come to flying and still be on the ground (most of the time.)
A continuation of my love affair with the mountains that started when I was very young.
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because when it is subzero outside you have only two choices,
you can either just sit there sipping hot chocolate and
watching tv,or put on a coat get your ski's and go enjoy what winter in Utah has to offer.
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Successful lift-off and re-entry...AKA AIR!
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Amen. Nolo, that was beautiful. -Sniff!-
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Originally posted by JR:
Around here, its something you just do 'cause there's lots around and every body else does. I don't know anyone who would ever dream of flying anywhere to go skiing.
Well now you know me!! I dream of flying anywhere/everywhere to go skiing.

I go skiing cos it's the only thing where I feel any good at anything. The feeling of standing at the bottom of something and looking up at it and knowing that 30 seconds before you had hercules moths in your stomach but knowing that in those 30 seconds I have conquered my fear, my mal-coordination and everything that I wish I could change into a beautiful thing.

The main thing is carving along and then thinking how much contact you have with the ground and wondering why you are still moving in a controlled manner and haven't pole-axed that pylon yet!

There is nothing about this sport that I don't love, ok maybe the pain but that makes all the rest of it all the better. There is nothing better in this world than doing something you didn't know you could do and doing it so well that you get to the bottom and are just grinning and jumping and going nuts.

Can't wait to fly skiing again this year and go back to my beloved green runs!! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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