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Thule Box = Rusted Edges???

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OK I love that my new Thule roof box gives me much more room in my car, but I am getting some serious edge rust issues going on, even on skis that were just in the box for 24 hours after skiing (and on the top of the pile)! I don't see other people having this problem with their roof boxes. It certainly didn't happen prior to my getting the roof box when I transported the skis shoved in stacks through the truck to the back seat of my car.

What gives? How do I make it stop?
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sorry, I didn't read your problem right.
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well, if you leave steel in a box with moisture, it will rust.

you need to take your skis out and wipe them down and put them somewhere warm after skiing.

or you could do stranger things like cover your edges with oil/grease/wax/whatev imediately after skiing and hope for the best.
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It's because air doesn't circulate, the edges stay wet and the inside of the box is very humid. If you have a garage, when you get home, at least open the box. If not, take the skis out and bring them inside with you. I guess, if you wanted to, you could drill a few hiles in the bottom and back of the box, but judging by how much I paid for mine, I'm not about to start drilling it.
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The hole in the bottom is not a good idea either. Mine collects water up through the holes as you drive when it rains. The box will collect quit a bit of water.

You need to open the box to let it dry out.
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I suspect that the moisture comes from all of the snow that gets into the crevices of the bindings.

How long are you leaving the skis in there for? Additionally, the bit of surface rust that I've noticed has never been enough to loose any sleep over, a tiny bit of steel wool will slick it off in moments.

Regarding drilling holes, I wouldn't do that since that may, depending on where the hole is relative to the air flow around the vehicle, may cause water to migrate into the box (Bernoulli effect), my box stays dry as a bone and I regularly use it to carry soft luggage, sleeping bags for the kids and the like year round.

Put em' in the box and get them home into a warm dry spot and keep in mind that skis carried inside the car can kill you if you are in an accident.
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I have a couple of small holes in the bottom and I also keep some old towels in there. Towels are more to keep skis from banging around. Last season I loaded 1 board, 3-pairs skis, 1-pair xc skis, all the attendant poles and left them in there from December - March. I had no rust problems.
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Almost as bad as leaving them in their ski bag for 24 hours.
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Moving to Gear talk.

I personally do not leave my gear in box for more than my trips to and from the hill.
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Originally Posted by Ghost View Post
Almost as bad as leaving them in their ski bag for 24 hours.
Yeah, I accidentally left a pair of skis in my sport tube for a week, after getting home from a vacation late at night. Not only was there plenty of rust, but it stunk!: . I think it started to mold. DOH!!!
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No problem with my Thule box, and actually plenty of air circulating because lid to box is not the world's tightest fit. Agree that a) forget more holes. The newer boxes actually come with plastic strips to seal the slots for mounting to racks, otherwise rain etc. gets in at speed; and b) Any rust you get will be trivial, unless you ski on salted streets and leave your skis in for days.
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My Thule Atlantis 1600 (HumblePower ~$470) was starting to smell, this summer. I put a couple lbs of rice in two breathable bags. The problem should go away. The solution should work in winter. The temp of black box should often go above freezing during the day.

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The easiest way I know to avoid rusty edges is to keep a small chunk of wax around. Any wax will do. Run the wax down the edges right before you throw them in the box and you won't get any rust. I learned this years ago when we used to put our skis on a ski rack to drive to the hill. It works just as well in a box.


Obviously if you vent your box when you get home, you'll probably avoid the problem too. In my box I put a layer of that perforated non-skid stuff along the bottom. It works to keep skis from sitting in any moisture that might collect in the bottom, but also keeps stuff from sliding around too much.


This is the kind of stuff I'm talking about. I got a huge roll of it at Costco once.



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