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Brief Impressions--Rossi Mutix and Z9

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I was up at Deer Valley for the first time this season yesterday and stopped by the Rossi demo tent to see what they had to try. I primarily wanted to ski the Zenith Z9 and the B3 but was surprised that they had the Radical R11 Mutix so I decided to give it a try rather than the B3. I will give the B3 a shot next time.

First, unlike many here on the forum, I am a fan of Rossi skis and have had at least one pair in the quiver for about as long as I can remember. Second, I was skiing on my primary skis (Atomic Metron B5 172cm) both before and after the test so the skis were compared in that context. Third, I only skied three runs on each ski and most of it was on groomers (some of it good grippy snow and some hard pack) although I did take each into the bumps on part of one run. Here are my impressions:

Zenith Z9 Oversize: Overall, I thought this ski was a winner. Very easy to ski with typical Rossi dampness and good edge hold. Intiated turns with little effort and could make a wide variety of turn shapes but best suited for medium radius turns. Easy to ski fast. OK in the bumps. I would like to see how this ski performs in powder and crud.

Radical R11 Mutix. I only skied this in 165cm with the short arms. This was a disappointment. For me, the ski was too damp/not lively enough to be a short turner (in stark contrast to the B5). OK in the bumps but probably not well suited to the application. I suspect this would be a much better ski with the longer arms and at a longer length (but doesn't that defeat the point of the Mutix system).
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convenience stores, dude. One can buy the mutix at the convenience store in my ski village. The first and only of its kind of which I am aware.

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I have a good friend, PSIA III she is very happy on her short Mutix she's 5ft. She has them set-up with the long / short arms. She enjoyedthem out of the box. Two weeks ago before she went to Sunday River for an event, I tuned them up for her. I found the front edges where it different angles then past the foot. I set the whole edge up at 2 degrees. The base edge I didn't touch other then to knock off any high spots with a moonflex in a 1 degree guide.

When I saw her the next weekend, her first response was a Big thumbs up, great tune and she has a blast on that ski.
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