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Newly Admitted Gimps of 2007....Are you part of the club?

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Hey everyone, just decided to make an inquiry to the number of injured members there have been for this season so far. If this is you tell us your story.

Story #1

My name is Nigel Campbell, CSIA level 1 instructor and local hill kiddy race team coach. I bought a pair of twintips in November for this season to start my journey into terrain park. After 8 days of skiing for the season i headed off to Mont Ste Anne, Quebec city for a college ski trip for 6 days. The first day and night were amazing, beyond belief if you can comprehend. The second morning I headed out with my friends in the gondola for my second run of the morning at about 10am. I decided to run through the park before meeting them at the end of the park. This was my first run at the park for the day but I'd been in it about 2 hours the day before.

Basically I was comming up on a 10 foot high jump with a 5 foot kicker to a 35 foot landing with alot of excess speed apparently, I launched off and pulled the planned "cross" (a warm up/easier trick just to throw something down). Immediately I noticed that I was too high, and after another half second it hit me that I would completely miss the landing and inevitibly land 5 feet past the entire landing onto flat ground from about 30+ feet in the air. I put my ski flat under me and bent knees to asorb as much as possible. The moment i touched down intense pain surged through my body, skis didnt release, and knees didnt bend fast enough. The impact was transferred to my spine which compressed shattering a vetebrae and damaging 4 others. I slid to a stop and began moaning for help.

I spent 5 days in hospital and was told i shattered my L1 vetebrae damaging also L2-L5. Luckily no bone fragments hit my spinal cord leaving me not paralyzed and able to move all body parts, no surgery was needed. Now, 16 days after i'm wearing a body brace of formed hard plastic 24/7 for atleast another 4 weeks (down from the initial 3 months i was told after the accident).

I hope everyone doesn't feel horrible for me because I've learnt a great lesson in my skiing career experiencing my most serious injury ever. Be careful on the slopes everyone.

Nigel Campbell
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Ouch! Sorry to hear that.

I've been thinking about picking up a pair of twin tips to screw around on in the terrain park nearby when I can't get to a decent mountain in VT (I live near NYC so there isn't much close by). I've been scared to do it because I'd hate to tweak a knee or something and lose the rest of the season. You've just convinced me that I should stick to conventional skiing (not that I can't get hurt at that as well).

Good luck with the injury. Hopefully, you're a quick healer...

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That's one scary story Nigel.

Unfortunately I too am in the club this season. My accident info is in this thread: http://forums.epicski.com/showthread.php?t=48260
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I'm a leftover 2006 gimp. Went OTB on my mountain bike on Memorial Day and dislocated my left shoulder quite badly. Had a subsequent wreck on Labor Day and broke a clavicle and rib on the same side. Spent a big chunk of last year in an immobilizer and am working now on getting my range of motion and strength back.

So far it hasn't caused any problems with skiing. I'm thinking that riding my bike is going to be a head game, though.
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