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Job opening in Bozeman, Mt

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I always see a number of posts looking for jobs in mountain towns.
here is one i came across - i thought I would share it.

Product Line Director - Sales Automation - Bozeman, Montana

The Product Line Director for the RightNow Sales Automation product will lead the team responsible for the overall success of the product line, including revenue targets, Product Strategy, Product Marketing and Product Management. This senior position requires a proven leader that can guide the future direction of the product both internally and externally in the marketplace. The ideal candidate for this position possesses in-depth knowledge of leading edge sales force automation (SFA), telesales, inside sales, and customer relationship management (CRM) business software and business practices. Experience related to ecommerce is a plus. Send resumes to david.vap@rightnow.com
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another one of them growing telemarketing sales gigs, eh? I checked out the non-functioning website where I still didn't find a drop of information about A) the company or B) the product. That ad is very wordy, without answering any questions that arose from my reading it. It is designed to pique peoples' interest in a professional operation that actually don't have any professional experience. If you emailed him, you've bitten his sales pitch. Next- send him money so he can help you sell your product. That's his product, which is the same product you will be selling- how to efficiently sell another's product. Motivational speaking, camouflaged and marketed as essential to your customer's needs, with zero product actually distributed. That's where the true brilliance comes in, there's ZERO overhead.

Business rule #1: Choose a product.

Sorry david- or marty... nice try.

Leach companies suck.
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Samurai -

Rightnow Technologies had revenues over $100 million last year with offices world wide. Their customers include Nike, Nikon, Toyota, Motorola and IBM along with numerous government agencies like Medicare, the Department of Energy and the NSA. This is a legit job in an office where the applicant will get flown to Bozeman for interviews.
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I think people have to move to the big city to be a telemarketer....or Bangalore.
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