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Marker Jester Binding

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Ayone know about another new Marker called the Jester? Does it come with one of those silly "Jester Hats"? :
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The Jester is a new offering that will have instant impact on the freeride world. It is a very heavy duty mostly metal, 6-16 with a heel that looks and works similarly to a current PX binding. It will come in two versions, one will be a simple two piece set up with no connection, and a minimal amount of lift. The other will have a system underneath that will unlock for AT use. This binding reportedly has about 100% tighter coupling than any current AT system.

It is not light, nor is it cheap, nor is it currently available.

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You will also have to step out of the binding to switch into freeheel mode and to change the elevation of the heel while hiking. All of which take place either under the boot or under the binding plate.
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