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My first time ever…

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Hello everyone, I’m a 35 year old guy that will try to ski for the first time in his life through a couple of lessons I will be taking next week (will I learn at this age? I don’t even know how to rollerblade!!! Kind of athletic though).
But here my questions: I’m looking for the best value for the dollars (good quality at the cheapest price possible) in the following products:

Ski Jacket

Do you have any brand and model suggestion? Again, I’m an old and total newbie and I don’t want to expend a fortune but I don’t want to buy crap as well.
I will rent the equipment for the lessons and if I feel that I can accomplish having fun I will go ahead and buy my first equipment.

Thanks for your help and whish me luck!!!
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I have been happy with Columbia for pants and jacket. Mine are 13 years old and going strong.

Mittens will be warmer than gloves. I have Grandoe and Kombi gloves were not cheap. I also have a pair of Head gloves and Swany mittens I picked up cheap at TJ Maxx. You may want to try seeing what they have.
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I'll second the Columbia recommendation, at least for jackets. It's probably the best value to be had... especially since you don't know if you'll even like skiing

(I think you will!)
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Good luck. Gloves and pants are key. Just about any wind resistant jacket will work though. You might want to consider a pair of the shorts with padded hips to wear under your ski pants. They will help if you fall alot.
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I also started skiing at age 35. Fifteen years later I passed the PSIA level 3 certification exam. While I did play sports as a kid, I never made the varsity for any of them. I was best at following a line on the bottom of a pool or on the track.
My advice to you is make sure your instructors are seasoned instructors not just starting to teach, and enjoy the learning process. It never ends.
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The Columbia recommendations are bang on - reasonable price and durability. Avoid cotton layers underneath (wet=cold). As for starting late, I started at 38 and have been skiing hard ever since (gotta make up for lost time). Hope you have a great time learning - stay with it and have fun!
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For gloves/mittens, make sure the palms are leather NOT vinyl. My Girlfriend thought she bought good gloves but the vinyl made her hands sweat then they got cold. Leather breaths, vinyl doesn't.
Invest in a gaiter(neck warmer) .Cheap easy way to stay comfy warm on the coldest of days.
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