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Ski Storage

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What is the best way to store skis so they don't lose any camber? I've heard that laying them on their sides or standing them straight upright is OK. Which is better? Thanks.
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Hang them verticle from a ski rack or your own version of same, don't put them in a hot attic.

If you tune and wax your own skis, then do so but don't scrape the wax until next season. This protects the bases and edges from oxidation [ the fuzzies and rust.]

Write down on a piece of paper and put it somewhere where you wont't lose it, the "din" settings of the bidings. Then back the bindings all the way down, and then give the screw driver a turn or two to put just a little tension of the springs.

That should do it until November.

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Store skis? You mean you don't sleep with them?
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Store skis? You mean you aren't going to New Zealand or South America this summer?
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