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Gear Head Question

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I am a level 8, ex ski instructor. I am "full-figured" at 5'11" and 220 lbs. I am a moderately fast skier that lives to carve up the groomers with medium to long-radius turns. I have no interest in the bumps, and since I ski in the East, seldom have any serious powder to play in. I like to buy a new pair of skis every year. After much research- I am currently on a pair of 2005-06 Volkl Allstars (168) that I bought at the end of last season. I love these skis! They are the best skis I have ever been on. What's the problem-you ask? Well like many of you I wonder is there something even better out there? I have demoed the Head Supershapes (liked them- but not as much as the Allstars). I have been wondering about the Volkl Racetiger Sl at 165cm. I think that I would pick up some short-radius turn ability with this ski-but I would hate to give up any long-radius turns in the process. Any thoughts? I also own a pair of Nordica Hot Rod Top Fuels-but they have stayed in my basement most of this year. I am not married to Volkl-if you have others that you think that I might try. And, who knows, maybe I already have the perfect ski in the Allstars.
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Nordica Hot Rod Afterburner in a 178 if you get a chance.
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Im not familiar with the current Völkl skis but modern racing SL skis are very well suited for off the racing track carving medium to long radius turns. However, at 165cm's length its hard to pull off very short radius turns if you dont have a lot of speed and inclination, not to talk about technique, so if you dont want to try shorter skis like 160cm or 155cm I would stay with the Allstars. They sound like just the right skis for you.
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