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Strange Skiing Accident!...

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So on Sunday of this past weekend, I was out at my local ski area doing some free skiing. On the "back side" of our hill there is a small area where we always get little wind lips, and a lot of powder accumulates. So sunday myself and a few snowboarders had built a little kicker that jumped onto a really nice, soft, powdery and gentle incline.

So I decide to do a backflip, because the conditions were perfect, and I new with that much powder, an injury wouldn't be likely..
Anyways, I make it, but my rotation isn't a full as it could have been as I land with most of my weight very forward. I proceed to take a header face first into some deep stuff. No big deal, didn't hurt. However my goggle lens (Briko Zars) broke from the impact of the snow (already had a small crack in it), came through my frames and cut a dime sized "chunk" approximately 1 mm deep out of the top of my nose!! Talk about a bleeder..

Just thought I'd share the weirdest skiing injury I've ever suffered.. Moral of the story, if you have a cracked goggle lens, replace it, because it may remove some of your flesh if you take a bail into some powder!! :


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Wow you are so lucky - that could have been your eye!!

"It's all fun and games until someone loses and eye" (famous last words spoken in during a rubberband fight at a document production.)
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Yes, the least-expected injury can result in eye loss. A friend had to have one eye removed when he was a young boy after he was hit with a ping pong ball.
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A friend of mine got accidentally run-over by his sister (6-7 years ago)
There is still a deep indentation in his nose
where his sister's ski edge cut. Just like this -> V...
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And another friend of mine, took a tumble after hitting a bump straight-on.
He regained his posture only to discover that his right foot was without boot,he'd left the ski AND the boot, a rear entry Nordica model, where
he took the tumble...
Talk about not releasing bindings...
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In the late '80's I did a daffy (what a great old-school move) blind off a groomer track onto what had earlier that day been a nice sloped landing area. By this time it was bumped out. Landed right on top of a bump. Neither ski released, but I compressed so majorly that the left ski tip cut a nice 6 stitch gouge in the top of me head, and I skied to a stop with blood peeing down my face. (kept skiing after the stitches though - good cred amongts friends).

And Powderhoundin, I had a huge fall about 6 years ago straightlining out of a chute at Whakapapa, NZ, and along with breaking 3 ribs the lens of my trusty Vuarnets popped and I got a nice 3 stitcher along the line of my left eyebrow. (kept skiing for the next week - geat cred, bad for cartilidge, breathing, health....)
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my wierdest one was skiing bumps (in a clinic), getting a bit too far forward and over absorbing a bump, my hands went down and I sliced my left wrist open on the outer edge of my left ski, without ever even falling. I could see the white outer coating of a vein. I almost passed out from that (I'm not good around my own blood). After I got ski patrol's attention, they taped it up, and I went to the hospital for 2 stitches.

I still have the scar. I used to have some canvas shoes that had red paint on them. If someone would ask about the shoes, I'd tell them I tried to kill myself by slicing my wrist, and show them the scar. It was an easy con.
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Hey - I tore my ACL which wasn't too spectacular about 4 years ago. I kept on skiing for the rest of the week (2 1/2 days) with the torn ACL.
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A friend of mine took an unlucky fall and sliced his ass open with a skiedge. A nice 20 cm long u-shaped scar. Makes a nice conversation piece in the sauna. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Let's see--my most entertaining "accident"--so much to choose from.... :

I was teaching a private lesson at Keystone. I was just getting over a bad cold, and my nose was running. At the bottom, on the flats, I leaned over to do a "farmer's blow" while still skiing pretty fast. BAM! Next thing I knew, I was knocked over backwards, blood all over the place, my jaw almost dislocated. I don't know HOW many times I've warned beginning skiers not to point their poles forward, because it's so dangerous if they hit the snow....


Seven stitches later, everything was put back in place and I was able to finish the lesson--the next day.

Then there was that first time in the half-pipe (more stitches).... And the time I ended up hanging upside down from a tree at Breckenridge...and that yard sale at Sugarloaf...my head-first slide all the way down the moguls of Pallavicini at Arapahoe Basin.....

Best regards,
Bob Barnes

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