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Good all mountain ski?

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I live on the east coast so I usually ski groomed snow. I usually get to go out west once a year so I do some powder skiing. I was wondering what was a good all mountain twin tip ski for me. I get bored where i go on the east coast so i go to the terrain park to mix it up. I am 6'2" and weigh 175. Any recommended lengths? I would say I am advanced as I am comfortable going to all the slopes east coast and most the slopes out west.

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for what its worth

I have been looking around to figure out what to Demo in Breckenridge/ maybe purchase and use full time. I also am 6'-1 185 and have heard many recomendations for the VOLKL Karma in a 185- skis shorter because of twin tips.

The Karmas are supposed to be stiff enough for groomer skiing and east coast (im midwest). The second most suggested would be the K2 public enemy.

Havent ridden either....but thats what i am hearing (besides, a barely useful post is better than no post)
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