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killer powder at the Club

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indeedy. chair 4 terrain open, only one section roped off but rope was strung at about 7 ft above the snowline! made 4 excellent runs in a variety of lines through little chutes, hummocks and rocks, big pines, little draws. snow was consistently mid-thigh with some spots waist-high or even deeper!!

consistency was not a 10-for-10 on the Club's own standards, maybe 7.5 or 8. still was light & springy though and the skiing was super-fun, especially in the steep new sections on chair 4, Hollywood Bowl area. tasty. very tasty.

I have some digipics from our just above our first off-piste shot of the morning, but don't have my camera's patch cord right now. as soon as I get the cord back from my buddy, I'll post 'em. I was with many of Zootown's tele skiers, the lone heel fixer in the crew.

legs are spent but happy. it was an amazing day. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Wow, you are full of hip slang.
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C'mon miles, these are the sweet nothings of a man who's happy and spent. Let him sleep now.
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Mark's train just pulled into Whitefish at about 1:00 am this morning. Are the conditions up there as good?
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hip slang? miles is a funny guy, let him be happy in his bitter jealousy. sorry old pal : , didn't realize I was using slang. maybe you could try to help me quit using it?

LM, TBM hasn't got any significant snow since I skied there one week ago, and at that time the conditions were odd, caused mainly by the weird temperature shifts I'd guess. Top of Glacier Chaser terrain was hardpack; in the trees it was coral reef; on the edges of the runs there were accumulated scrapings that resembled remnants of petrified powder. Midmountain the snow was very nice, grippy and carvy. Lower mountain the snow was like late March or early April - slushy, warm.

If he sticks to the big groomers he'll find some decent snow. As usual, the Chair 7 terrain (north side of mtn) has the best snow.
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16" in 24 hours at Bridger. Cold temps: -10 at the hacienda (that's ranchese for Club). Speaking of which, Gonz, what is this Club to which you slangly and hiply refer?
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Club Lost Trail for Chrissakes.

Even Brooklynites know that.
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nolo, thank god for Brooklyn!

a group of my ski buddies and I call it Club LT as a semi-joke. I referred to it that way once or twice before in these Forums but I doubt it's really heard much from anyone else in these Forums except jamesdeluxe.

Yoda was there yesterday and I didn't get to ski with him. I thrashed myself to exhaustion in the morning on Chair 4 and was skiing Chair 2 by the time he got there. The Patrollers took him straight up to Chair 4, so I didn't see him all day.

should I be planning to ski Bridger next weekend? is it still in great shape?
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James Deluxe is cranky. I don't blame him. No, I've never heard Lost Trail called a club before. I was thinking maybe Gonz had gone over to the Yellowstone Club or something. Silly me.

Bridger is in excellent shape, Gonz. We've gotten 118" in February. I'll be there Saturday. :
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then I'm gonna start lobbying my pals. Probably a Saturday ski day. I'll see what's up and if we can motivate, I'll let you know. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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You ski?

That is so cool.

[ February 24, 2003, 07:24 AM: Message edited by: ryan ]
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We must have had the same storm at Crystal. Sat. was very good, lots of trips to the backcountry.
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ryan... sssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

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Mark says thanks! Liked the Chair 7 stuff a whole lot!
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HEY that's great to hear LM. I was hoping there would be good snow there still for Mark, glad to hear it was.
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Glad you enjoyed the day Gonzo.
That's something we all, wherever and whenever we are, should do more.
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I am now the Very Proud possessor of a Ski Bridger Bowl coffee mug AND a way-cool Lost Trail Ski Patrol t-shirt, thanks to Rio and the futility of his San Francisco Giants.

somewhere near Sula, Montana
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Wow, beautiful picture, Ryan, which one of the two is you?
I don't see he famous Ryan pants being worn by either one...
(BTW your pants aren't that bad, I've worn far, far worse thing while skiing, one day I'll dig out some picture...)
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