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Lange CRL XX?

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What exactly is Lange's CRL XX model? The only place I've ever seen it is in Sports Authority stores in Washington State and it isn't mentioned anywhere on the web. Any information anyone can give me on them would be great. For the money (on sale at $200, "regular" ~$450) is it a decent boot?
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I have the CRL 70 boot. It is a decent boot. Not an expert boot, but good for intermediate/advanced skiers. I take mine all over the mountain. I think the reason you can't find it on the website is that it's a couple years old now, and been replaced by new models.

I've had my boots for two full seasons now, and am happy with them. Good snug fit, and a heat-moldable liner. $200 is a good deal, if that's the type of boot you are looking for.
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Thanks for responding Lori. The thing is that this boot isn't a CRL 70/90/whatever. The boot actually has CRL XX written on the side. The salespeople at Sports Authority referred to them as both the CRL XX and the CRL Pro (the ads called it the CRL Pro as well). I was wondering if anyone knew anything about this model in particular. Sorry about the confusion.
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It is a lower end boot in the CRL line up (probably a 70). S.A. then prices it as a higher end boot like an 80 or 90, then discounts it to about 70 (ish) prices.

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you can't find Sports Authority stuff on the internet because much of the stuff they carry is rebadged. For example, they sell a Salomon boot called the XWave FS that is identical to the XWave Foil save for appearance. I'd avoid buying there- you'll most likely end up with the wrong size and you'll probably end up paying more for a lower performance boot than you would at a specialty shop.
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Well, that's interesting! I hadn't heard of the "XX" model, and for good reason I guess. I googled it and only found a reference on e-bay for a guy selling a pair of CRL XX boots. Says they are "specifically made for Sports Authority by Lange".

In that case, I have no idea. Although a little more searching shows you can get new, "real" CRL boots for about $100 on e-bay. Your best bet is probably to go to a specialized ski shop and/or bootfitter.
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Originally Posted by SierraJim View Post
It is a lower end boot in the CRL line up (probably a 70). S.A. then prices it as a higher end boot like an 80 or 90, then discounts it to about 70 (ish) prices.

Not to highjack, but how would you rate the CRL 90?
Bought a pair last spring as an upgrade from Salomon performa 4.0, and I love it. It's a huge upgrade for me, and they were my first foray into attempting to purchase the correct boot.I'm not sure if I'll be wantong more of a boot now that I switched to the metrons. I assume the 90 is the flex rating?
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I rate most boots pretty highly if they are the correct shape and size and are good plastic. Beyond that, there are no boots out there in the price range of the CRL 90 that are really "bad"

Having said that, the Lange boot is probably the most subtle and accurate design that has ever been built. Most any derivative of the original Lange design, (like a CRL) will ski somewhat better than other boots within the middle price points.

Within the category of race boots, there are a lot of good designs and in that range the advantage to Lange is maybe less pronounced.

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