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Salomon XWing Rally

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Anyone else signed up for this? http://www.xwingrally.com/us/
At 5 ski areas in the US -
Crystal, Squaw, Copper, Loon, Killington
Doing Crystal on Sat. if nothing else I'll provide a review of the XWings!
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Nothing like a little friendly competition

No adventurous souls out there?
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oh i signed up for it, it was pretty fun just demoing the skis and getting to play with the toys for a while. we pretty much gave up on it cause actually trying wouldnt be actually fun (most groups had one guy just lapping groomers to get the vert and then someone else running around to all the checkpoints just going horizontally) so we went and found ourselves some pow while they were off trying to win stuff.
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We signed up for it for the Fernie Event in Canada.

We in fact were chosen by Salomon as the winning team to go and have our accom, food and lift tickets taken care of by Salomon.

We had to submitt an essay why we should be chosen, and want to participate etc.....

I was shocked we won, but it's safe to say we are stoked and can't wait to go and enjoy the whole event and ski our butts off in hopes of winning the Fernie Qualifier as the winner gets to attend the Euro 7 day event picked up by Salomon.

some inside info on the event, strategy etc would be greatly appreciated as I don't really have any info on what the event is going to be, what we have to do, or what the winning teams have done to win.

the Three Plumbingo's are going to give it our all and try to win, heck the stakes are high enough why not.
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Go for it!

Can we get you some Epic patches or stickers? (Hmmm, do we even have Epic patches or stickers???)
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yes I would be proud to slap some stickers on my helmet, poles etc....

just PM me for mailing info.

I'll have my two way radio set to chanell 4-20 and or 7-11 so if anyone is at the event, don't be shy to ask.....

Does a Bear crap in the woods?
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