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Smuggler's Notch Conditions

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Anyone know what the conditions are? Their website says 50 trails and 18" of fresh in the past 5 days, is it true?

I'm heading out there on Friday w/ a group from RIT. Looks like it ought to be pretty good for my first trip out of the season.
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My dentist was there yesterday and said the conditions were prety fair with some glades open. I'll also be heading there this weekend if you plan on skiing friday dress warmly it's gonna bitterly cold.
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I'm used to the cold-Sugarloaf can get pretty bitter. Although this is the first time I'll be wearing shell pants instead of insulated, I hope I've got my layering figured out.
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Haven't been up to VT this year but I hear northern VT has done nicely lately. Try this board as well, lots of NE skiers:

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20 inches in the past week and the pics look encouraging:


This was taken on Jan 22. I leave in a few hours, finally getting out sking...
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