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New Atomic HAWX Boot?

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Apparantly Atomic is oing to announce a new bootcalled HAWX along with the Nomad Series ski.

Anyone know anything about the HAWX boot?
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Just found this:

Click on the HAWX and the the entire line! Also Nomad skis.
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the Nomads are out now.
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Originally Posted by Philpug View Post
the Nomads are out now.
I knew that!
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I recently spoke with a boot fitter in NH who had skied this boot at a demo day in Stratton in VT. He had some good things to say about it. Has anyone here skied this boot? I'm currently looking at boots with more of an upright stance and this would seem to be a contender.
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The 'BIG NEWS' with the Hawk line is the flexing area at the ball of foot. The boot flexes at the ball of foot, the shell has areas cut out to allow for this. Kind of like a tele boot but not so dramatic.
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I know the Solomon X Wave has that honey comb pattern on the outside of the boot that is supposed to give a little for better snow feel during turns, but I imagine it's a pretty minute amount of give. I couldn't imagine the Hawx could have much more give than that and still be skiable. It'll be interesting to hear from someone who demos them.
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I tested and bought a pair of Hawx 110-boots last sunday. With experience of app. 15 runs it feels different. It helps skier to put pressure on the edge from the beginning of turn to third quarter of turn. Difficult to explain in english.

My previous boot was Atomic AFT 10, the yellow one (, first edition of the AFT series with Raichle Thermoflex inner boot (?) so I like softer boots and beacuse of that I felt Hawx good but because it is soft at the ball of foot, it may cause problems when skiing on ungroomed terrain.
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I didn't think those boots were out yet. Did you buy them at a demo day?
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Well, Atomic dealer in our area left three pairs of them to our ski-school. So demo-day is kind a right..
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Hawx is out in limited size runs. Upright stance, offset shell, flex zone(Like a telly), solid liner. Excellent energy transfer. Most important is that it fits. For the real scoop gp to See ya later...

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I had to change this season's Hawx boot (broke it) to next season's Hawx. Unfortunately I find it bigger. Those are both 26,5 and season 2009 boot has even shorter base (305mm) but I feel it wider in the ankle area. It is too loose. No good.
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ranger have you tried any of the Garmonts?
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No I haven't. Going to Norway for a week and should be able to test Scarpa Spirit 4 randonnee boot and Dynafit bindings instead .
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