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TR (pics): Pre-ESA warmup, Summit County (1/17-1/21)

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Skied four days prior to ESA with some Bears.

Loveland, Wednesday, Jan-17
Hooked up with madmike and cgeib for a short half-day. Spent mostly on groomers, since it was cgeib's first day in over a month, and madmike's first day of the season. Snow was good, and soft enough to dig edges in. Did several laps in the bumps on Upper Richard's.

Video of cgeib: 4.9MB Windows .WMV
Video of madmike: 4.4MB Windows .WMV

Vail, Thursday, Jan-18
KevinF arrived the evening before, and we met up with overkill dan and headed to Vail. It was Kevin's first non-WROD ski day of the season. And he really relished the wide open groomers. He finally understood Ric Reiter's comment at one of the first Stowe ESA's: "My turns don't fit on these Stowe trails!"

The Sawatch Range from the top of Vail:

KevinF at the top of Chair 2:

After warming up on the groomers we headed to the bowls. Sun Up Bowl was in pretty good shape -- a bit crusty, but still soft. Genghis Khan was next on our list. I think this may have been Kevin's first experience with a cornice, and he handled is very well. The snow was great -- some small bumps here and there, but soft.

KevinF and overkill dan sizing up Genghis Khan:

overkill dan sends it...

...and sticks the landing:

Video of KevinF and overkill dan in Genghis Khan: 10.0MB Windows .WMV

We did some laps in Shangri-La Glade, where the snow was wonderful. A little wind-blown up top, but very nice in the trees down below. Met up with MTmind. Skied Siberia Bowl -- got some untracked shots, and the drop into Rasputin's offered up some creamy pow -- it was the best snow of the day so far -- soft and deep.

KevinF preparing...

...launching into Siberia Bowl...

...and sticking it!

We hit the groomed Poppyfields before lunch.

Video of KevinF, MTmind, and overkill dan on Poppyfields: 12.3MB Windows .WMV

After lunch we skied over to Blue Sky Basin. Big Rock Park was a big hit as always. Ducked into Champagne Glade -- the snow was good, albeit with big bumps. We started heading back around 1:30pm. Arcing big honking GS turns down the front-side, we finished a great day around 3pm.

Keystone, Friday, Jan-19
On Friday we met up with cgeib at Keystone. Spent the morning on groomers. Had lunch with Bob Barnes. Did some bumps in the Outback. Bushwhacker was a lot of fun, although with lots of rocks poking out on the lower third.

KevinF arcing on Anticipation:

cgeib on Anticipation:

Video of KevinF (two clips), cgeib, and myself: 17.5MB Windows .WMV

Loveland, Saturday, Jan-21
KevinF and I skied Loveland on Saturday in order to avoid the crowds. And it was a good choice, since we never hit any lift-lines. The groomers off Chair 1 were in great shape for the warm-up. Bumps on Upper Richards were nice too. Hit Chair 4 -- superb snow, especially skier's right past the trees. Visibility was a bit tricky under the overcast skies.

Video of KevinF under Chair 4: 4.9MB Windows .WMV

The sky cleared and visibility improved, so we decided to hit Chair 9. On the way we hit the really narrow and steep "tree-chutes" from the top of the poma. Off Chair 9 we hit Primer Bowl. The view to the west was great, with storm clouds gathering. The snow in Primer Bowl was great, and we lapped it twice. On the second lap, we ran into a father-son couple who were walking/sliding down the bowl (skis were nowhere in sight)! The father said that he hadn't anticipated it to be so hard, and they had gotten in way over their heads, and asked if we could call ski patrol. It was one of the most bizzare things I've seen. We skied down and caught a couple of patrollers near the bottom of Chair 9 and relayed the information to them.

We cut the day short for various reasons and headed back to Denver.

It was a great few days -- we got our skiing legs ready for ESA and got acclimatized to the altitude.
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Nice report and video clips! Thanks for posting all that "warmup". So sorry you'll miss skiing the next few weeks... see, we're thinking positive!
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