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My Girlfriend recently purchased some new ski's and boots. After a trip out on Copper she didn't like the boots that she had and exchanged them for the new Head Dream Thang 10. She likes the fit of the Dream boots but she is a beginner level skier, maybe about a level 3. As the boot seemed a great fit I was hoping that she could get a Dream Thang 8 or 9 with a softer flex of 70. As it turned out all the store had left in her size was a Dream Thang 10. Now the owner did make us a great deal on the boots since it was the only in the series that he has left. My only concern is that this boot may be too stiff for a beginner level skier like her, 80-90 flex. She is about 5'6"-5'7", 135 lbs, and her skis are the Head Lite Thang, a very entry level ski. The owner said that the stiffer boot wouldn't be that much difference from a softer (60-70 flex) boot, and that the skis would be a bigger difference. I am not sure what to think of this if this is true, or he just wanted to send her out the door with what was left in stock. Head recommends that Dream Thang 10 for an advanced type skier. How much does difference in flex between 60-80 matter?