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Yuki- Well said.
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It is a great article, Todd--among your many others! And thanks for the timely resurrection of it, Artimus!

I still have to laugh at the story Weems told (where are you Weems, by-the-way?), regarding some over-inflated egotistical student he once skied with who announced to others the necessity of "impressing" the instructor. In perhaps a rare break from true professionalism (to which I believe we are ALL entitled once in a while!), Weems stated something to the effect of "There aren't enough ski seasons left in your life for you to become a good enough skier to impress me...." We've all thought it--I admire Weems for actually saying it!

Instructors are easily impressed by any skier who makes an honest effort to improve, regardless of their level. They are NEVER impressed by anyone, at any level, who thinks he has nothing to learn!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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I once saw Weems on OLN. Afterwards, he did a little talk on his "philosphy" of skiing. To this day, the image of his skiing is still in my mind, probably some of the most beautuful stuff I've ever seen! But his moves seemed to be in complete harmony with the type of person he is, very centered, and not driven by ego!
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I agree with you (and Bob B) that Weems is an outstanding instructor as well as student of the sport.

Here's a somewhat lesser-known fact about Weems (I hope my memory isn't failing me at this one like it seems to be at everything else):

Are you old enough to remember the TV show "Mork and Mindy"? It was Robin Williams' big break. He was Mork and, of course, he went on to be a megastar. Anyway, Mindy was played by an actress named Pam Dawber and she was a *huge* heartthrob of mine when that show was on. And to bring this all home, I'm nearly certain that Pam Dawber lived in New Mexico with Weems Westfeldt for a time.

So, not only did I envy him for his skiing skills, I also envied him for his girlfriend.

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Weems is the man! Here is a pic of her with her Post WW guy:
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There's only one nice thing about waiting until you're well into middle age before you start skiing. You never have to worry about thinking your the best. On the other hand, a week and a half ago I skied The Canyons with a 60 year old who skied circles around anybody else I saw on the hill that day. Seriously, this guy's good and according to my brother, who's known him for quite a while, always has been. Couple of years ago, after skiing for decades, he took the ski college put on at PCMR. Couldn't stop talking about how much he learned and how knowledgeable his early twenty-something instructor had been. Man it's a great sport, isn't it? Todd, don't ever second guess your writing. I wish I had half your talent. BobT
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Todd, just looked at the picture of your computer. Can't believe you're a Seti at Home geek like Mark! Gotta watch out for that soy sauce, though!
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Heh! I don't run any screen savers at all anymore, when my computers are sitting still I usually have them doing 3D rendering (Bryce, 3D Studio Max, Lightwave, AutoCad, etc.)

Good eye though!
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I hadn't made the connection that Todd was THAT Todd M. I remember enjoying your article and making a mental note to remember it a few years ago. It obviously didn't stay fresh in my mind very long. I think a syndrome that many of us recreational skiers get into is not remembering to include the truely elite skiers as part of the population we compare ourselves against. I've been lucky to ski with several friends and relatives over the years who are/were ski instructors, junior race team coaches, etc. who helped my skills tremendously. When looking around at most of the other people out on the local mountains, I can feel pretty good about my abilities. I tend to mentally rate myself within that population. The elite competitors truely are on a different planet, from my perspective. The Olympic coverage and articles like this one help remind us of the real standards to measure ourselves against. It's humbling.

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