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What tuning video is the best

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I've got a good idea of what tools are necessary, and the fine impression that SVST tools are the best guides, Holmenkol files, etc... but to find the right tuning video, I need help. I want the best to do it right and visually see all the things I have read.

Thanks for the help in advance.
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I have seen the BEAST, Tognar and SVST DVD's and I liked the SVST one the best.

There are some other thread's here that give links to a Swix online video. I also saw that there are a series of youtube videos on board tuning, but haven't watched it.
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I haven't seen the videos Doctor D is referring to, but I think the http://www.swixschool.com/ videos are good enough to teach you what you need to know for basic tuning and maintenance.
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