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Jackson Hole Mountain Masters lesson

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I am looking for a steeps-oriented lesson and see that JH offers a day-long lesson, which I would take during the Gathering. The groups are small (and the price is right). If anyone knows anything about this lesson, particularly through first-hand experience, I'd be grateful for whatever information you could give.

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I'm planning on being out there the first week of February and was investigating the camps too. If I learn anything particularly interesting I'll let you know.
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TAMSki (TomSki?),

Thanks, but if i do it, I'll have done it by then. I head home from the Gathering on the third of february. Maybe I'll let YOU know.

add your name if ya ain't already

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I did the Mountain Masters twice when I was at JH two years ago. In true Epic Ski fashion I’m going to go out on a limb and say it depends on whom you get as an instructor.
It’s a combination lesson and tour of the mountain for upper level skiers. The groups are small (4) and meet at the top of the Bridger Gondola. You get the typical pre lesson interview to determine what group you should be in followed by a ski off. They asked what I was interested in working on and what part of the mountain I wanted to ski. It starts at 10:00 and lasts till about 3:00 with a break for lunch. We covered about as much of JH as possible in four hours. The instructor on the second day offered an extra hour of skiing with him on his own time. Next time I’m there I plan on doing it again.
If you’re looking for steeps Jackson is the place. You’re gonna like it there. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
Feel free to ask questions.
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I, also, am looking for the steeps at Jackson Hole. When I find them, I'll ski somewhere else.
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Originally posted by oboe:
I, also, am looking for the steeps at Jackson Hole. When I find them, I'll ski somewhere else.
Bwawawah! OBOE, I had to laugh at this!!!! Thanks for it! But
I am also sure that you'll handle whatever the mountain will offer.
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Matteo, if I shared your confidence in me, I'd be a danger to myself and others. No joke.
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I took a Mountain Masters lesson at JH a couple years back as well. Christoph, a PSIA examiner was the instructor. The lesson was excellent and he knew the mountain really well. For an uppper level who skis mostly off piste it is a good mountain tour combined with a lesson. Make sure you ask for a PSIA Level III instructor or higher and tell them you want to ski the steep and deep if that's what you're looking for. Have fun.
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I may be interested in this during the Gathering. However, I'll postpone my decision until after the Academy. By then, I may feel that I'm not good enough for a steeps camp, or that I had enough instruction for a while and need to practice by myself.
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Originally posted by ryan:
JH Steep and Deep death
Very sad and scary. Even more evidence to crank up those DIN settings when skiing the steep and firm.
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My wife and I took an all day lesson at JH last year. It was great. We got to ski a lot of runs we would not have found on our own. I told the instructor we wanted to concentrate on moguls. There where tons of mogul runs to pick from, including a gully, which proved to be way over our heads. She really helped us out by picking out the flaws in our technique. It was a real bargain at about $80.00 for the whole day. Most eastern resorts get that much for an hour. I would do it again. If you really want to go hardcore, find an instructor named Forest. We ran into some people who had him all day, they looked pretty beat up.
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I'm heading to JH next weekend with some friends and wanted to see if anyone had some more recent experiences with the Masters course, specifically the name of a good instructor.  We will be arriving Thursday and skiing Friday through Monday.


Based on JH's description, I would be a level 9.  Comfortable in pretty much all conditions, but technique can get a little ugly in the more extreme stuff.  I haven't had official lessons since a level 4 class in elementary school and impromptu lessons from dad.  I am looking for a class that helps me improve my technique in steeper terrain, moguls and powder.  My biggest concern would be getting stuck in a group with someone who really shouldn't be at that level of a class.  Do they still assess your skills before breaking the groups up?  Any advice is appreciated.

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You replied to a 7 year old thread.


Look up the Steep and Deep camps.  All your concerns are addressed properly in those 4 day camps.

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I knew it was an old thread, but was the most relevant to the information I was looking for.  Wanted to know if there were more recent reviews of the masters of the mountain clinic.


The steep and deep camps sound nice, but will be starting the day after I leave. 

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I teach the Mountain Masters product.  Everyone at that line-up is very good.  If you have two friends that you want to take your lesson with, it can be set-up so that you don't need to go to line-up.  If your "group" would like more than one lesson we can pitch a few extra perks your way.  PM me for more details.

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That would be just about the best thing a person could do for their skiing, no, the very best. To ski on the next level, which would be a possible outcome, is the greatest gift to yourself and the best way to enjoy every day of skiing more.

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