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Originally Posted by Jer View Post
The whole green-blue-black thing is pretty useless. There's runs/areas (black) and then there are access trails that take you to/from these runs/areas (blue-green).

The whole East v. West thing is pretty laughable as well. Everyone knows that the East Coast is where it's at and the West is for gapers. I mean look at all the ski movies filmed on the East Coast. Look at all the pro freeskiers/ski-mountaineers who live on the East Coast. Look at all the heli/catskiing operations on the East Coast. Look at all the westerners who take vacations out East to ski places like Stowe and Killington. Teenage guys don't dream of moving out west to be ski bums - they dream of moving to Vermont!:
Jer makes a good point I mean who would want this

When you could have this!

Ski it if you Can!!
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When I walked in earlier this season and my boss said the whole mountain was open, I skied the whole mountain... I barely touched a trail the whole day. (In reference to the MRG being a special case were nothing is off-limits)

I talked to someone that used to ski out West... Outside of boot deep or higher powder, it was the best conditions we get at Canaan... They said that our conditions that day would be considered bad conditions out West...

I don't have much bump practice, but I think I could tackle foot deep powder on steeper run out West (not so sure about the really steep stuff)... I think it'd be safe to say that a lot of people from the West would be unable to ski Lower Shay's Revenge at Snowshoe on a day where it was a solid sheet of ice... Granted, a lot of the people here could, but I'd like to see your average joe-shmoe upper intermediate out-west skier try to tackle it.

West coast has it's challenges (steeps, cliff bands, etc) and the East has it's challenges (ice, ice, etc.).. It's all good.
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Conditions have alot to do with how challenging/dangerous the desent is. I skied a DBD on a Spring day at Apine Meadows. Not a big deal. However, if it would of been Boilerplate Ice or 4 feet of new wet snow I prolly wouldn't of tried it. I don't like tons of Snow to move down the hill with me.:
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For myself I really don't find the colour rating of a run helpful in any way. Even on the same mountain I've found drastic a inconsistency between runs that are marked the same. In fact for the most part I don't pay particular attention to what run I'm on and just head down whatever looks appealing.

The best way by far to navigate a new hill and find appealing runs is to talk to the guys who ski it on a regular bases. I find people are a far more beneficial resource than your pamphlet map or the sign @ the top of the run.
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Originally Posted by elle-9ner-9ner View Post
Who decides if its a black diamond trail or a blue or green, red or double black etc etc?
An idiot savant that works in a convenience store in Toledo rates them all.
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