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Blue Hillls MA

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I heard Blue Hill MA may be closing due to some old unpaid bills, taxes or something. Anyone hear anything about this?
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Oh no! : That's where I learned to ski. Before I actually learned to ski. I grew up 5 miles away from there. Back in the day it used to be a cheap after-school date to get an afternoon/night-skiing ticket. Something like $4.

Then again clams at the Clam Box in Wollaston Beach used to be cheap on a date too. I'm dating myself.

I still have memories of the rope tow at Big Blue. And of the pair of brand-new all-wooden Kneissel skis (with beartrap bindings taken from my big brother's skis), that I broke in half trying to learn how to stop and hitting the wood rail fence at the bottom of the bunny run. Well not really "trying to learn" as much as my brother "trying to teach". Things got much better after I replaced them with a pair of Jordan Marsh Department store house-brand "metal" skis (an in-house Head or Hart knock-off, probably OEM'd by one of them) and actually took a couple of lessons.

Wasn't much vertical, maybe 600? But it was such a great feeder area for people from the Boston area to learn about skiing. Especially when it was cheap. I still remember the thrill the first time I did the big run, "Big Blue", all the way from the top.

Say it isn't so! Then again with all the climate changes and how little snow the Boston area has gotten the past many years, I'm surprised it was still even open. I know that Ragged Mountain took over operation of it a few years ago but there couldn't have been that many good ski days.

Now I'm wishing that all those years I lived back in Boston after moving back in 95 and starting skiing again in 98, that I went back to "Big Blue" one more time. Somehow Sunday River, Stowe, or K-Mart always seemed more tempting, but I should've done one more nostalgia run.

I'm back in Boston late March for a business trip. If they still have snow, maybe I should bring my boots and do a run for old times sake.
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I read that they lost their insurance. There was a front page on the Herald about it yesterday. Their website makes no mention of it, but when you call the main number you get a recording saying they will open on the 27th of January.


says that it had to do with a skier suing the resort.
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Yeah, I found a news story later in the day that said it was an insurance issue. There policy lapsed and they needed to find a new carrier. I've never skied there even though it's about 30 minutes away but I'd hate to see new entry appear in NELSAP.
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