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Giro Tune-Ups (tunes & 2-way) - any experience?

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I am thinking about getting the "Tune-Ups" helmet headphones for my Giro Fuse helmet. I want to get the kind that allows me to attach my 2-way radio and my iPod (3.5mm jack) to the same set, with a switch in the middle.

I also just got a combo cell phone and mp3 player, but can't figure out if I can combine a 2-way with my cell/mp3 (2.5 mm jack) just to use as an mp3. Nobody seems to know. I am going to the shop tonight to see what they have, but the equipment for sale is all sealed up in a package.

Anybody with experience using the tune-ups on a giro helmet, or with this switcher gadget?
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I haven't ever used mine with a 2-way, but the phone & MP3 combo works really well (although the extra long cable drives me crazy and the split thingy isn't far enough up the cable to allow you to put the phone and player in separate pockets). I did have to change my phone ring tone from a song to an actual ring in order to hear it with the player on. you'll also want to clip the switcher somewhere you won't accidently bump it - I keep hitting it and changing the volume all the time : .
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I have Tune Up II's. They work fine with my ipod, but not MY phone, Treo 650.
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Does it not work with your phone, or is there just no adapter? I had to contact Giro to get the adapter for my Nokia.
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Doesn't work with my phone.
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I just have the tune-ups w/o the phone adapter. Love the mute button though. zero problems thus far.
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Yup I know all about this. I own both units.

the tune up II (Two way):
  1. The 2.5mm jack will not work with a cell phone (have heard it does work with the odd phone but don't expect it.)
  2. It does NOT work with NEXTELL or MIKE phones for the two way portion.
  3. This product is intended for use with a VHF or UHF two way radio. IE Cobra or Motorolla or others.
  4. My advice find out what your buddies use and get the same kind. Not all chanells are the same and it's a pain sometimes to get on the same chanell as your buddies. we have one buddy we can't two way with yet. it works with no cord plugged in but it will not transmit or receive when we plug in the tune up II cord. We use Cobra's from Costco and they work.
  5. The volume knob on the cord will only adjust the volume of the 3.5 mm jack so you have to set the two way volume on the radio and live with it at that volume.
  6. The 3.5 mm jack so far has worked with all MP3 or discmans or whatever I have tried it with.
The Tune up II:
  1. The 2.5 mm jack comes with a adapter 2.5 mm cord. Look closely one male end has three rings and the other has two. failure in design here is the adapter cord is a straight end. 90 degree would have been so much better, I suspect a tweaked / broken adapter cord end sometime in the future.
  2. With the adapter cord it does work with my NEXTELL or MIKE phone but... the button on the volume knob will not answer the call so you either have to set phone to AUTO ANSWER or grab the phone and answer that way.
  3. It will also play the music from my NEXTELL / MIKE phone (i 880) but.... the volume knob will not adjust this music or the call volume.
  4. The 3.5 mm jack again has worked with all devices I have attached it to
  5. I do get some weird interferance and strange noises and lock ups sometimes when making or answering a call and listening to MP3's (via the 2.5mm jack)
  6. I haven't had a problem with odd noises / lockups so far using the phone for music and calls(IE only using the 2.5 mm jack with adapter cord)
Cautions and warning

My advice is to mount the volume knob / two way button device on the strap on your helmet over you ear flaps. The cord ends attaching to the volume device has pulled apart on two friends as well as mine from putting any stress on this part. I taped mine up and will be sending for warranty at the end of the season. The problem is the cord from the helmet to the volume knob is not long enough and if you mount it to far away you turn your head and it pulls on the cord and PRESTO wrecked cord and exposed wires.

Also the button for the two way is a Pain in the BUTT to feel or use with gloves on. I find the best way to use it for two way is to actually not clip it to anything but rather leave it dangling so you can look down and see the device then grab it with the gloved hand appropriately to engage the button.

lastly the volume knob gets filled with snow and then freezes and it won't move and it gets dislodge a bit from freezing up. I do suspect at some point it will fry. Nitpicking but it happens every day out with any amount of snow.

overall a great product with just a few shortcommings, two way is great, audio quality is pretty darn good, fair amount of base (don't overdo it I think they would blow easily)

Makes skiing to music and communicating to buddies for video and meet ups etc a a real pleasure once "wired up"
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