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The Cheesiest Ski Movie!

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ICEBREAKER! Okay, how's this for a plot? terrorists take over Killington, holding hostages {there's a thought} so they can blow up the mountain.

Sub plot; Girl with wealthy dad wants to marry her ski patrol boyfriend. Dad thinks boyfriend is "beneath her".

When the FBI agent, named William Langley {DUH!}, informs Killington's manager that this is happening his response is "A terrorist on my mountain? Can he even ski? This is MY MOUNTAIN, MINE!! I didn't go to Cornell restaurant management school for this!! I can just see it in Ski magazine! Come to Killington for an extreme ski vacation!"

When the terrorists halt the lifts, he tells someone to give everyone on the deck free beer. "But remember. NO REFUNDS!"

So, of course, you can guess the outcome. Warning, a SPOILER! Ski patrol boyfriend saves the day and wins respect of dad. He is actually a snowboarder, and takes out some of the terrorists, by you guessed it, running over them with his board! See boarders are good for some things! The terrorists, follow him in pursuit, on skis, making wedge turns through the trees. When terrorists put girlfriend in a gondola with an explosive attached, he climbs up the lift pole, takes her out from the safety exit, and they jump. All that happens is he gets a sprained ankle!
Ye gods!
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When I read the title, I thought this was a challenge to come up with the cheesiest ski movie plot we could!
If that was your attempt, LM, sorry, but I don't mean to sound like Irul, or some of the other pouterpuff girls, but, I COULD DO BETTER THAN THAT!


(I'll post my script soon)
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Actually, this was a REAL movie! What's amazing is that it was filmed on location at Killington. I'm surprised they allowed it. The film really made fun of their management.

Another choice dialogue gem: the FBI agent asks if they can back up the lifts. The manager says "We can't do that, people get scared. They start jumping like those.. those what do you call those furry things????"

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funny...i almost rented that same movie the other day........ but it looked just too cheesy to spend two bucks on.....
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Oh please don't rent it! It was on Showtime, they'll probably show it again. Really great for laughs, though.
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Blockbuster got my $4.99 + tax ...... for a half an hour we laughed because it was so bad but I never made it to the mid-point.
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One of the weakest movies I've ever seen. :
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A friend shared his copy of the movie with me 2 years ago. We had fun identifying the runs, and the location of the farm.

Then my folks rented it for me last year!!!

The first time was funny, the second time was torture!
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You mean to tell me that there is a worse movie then Aspen Extreme?
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At least they got the name right!

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Whats scary is that they are not too far off about the Killinton management! :
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Bethany:
Whats scary is that they are not too far off about the Killinton management! :<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Yo Bethany! What was wrong with Klinton's management? I figure Janet Reno had his ok when the FBI guy was willing to nuke the whole mountain. That kind of stuff went on all the time then.

Oh... you meant Killington.

Never mind
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Suspicions Confirmed:

"I didn't go to Cornell restaurant management school for this!!"

I always thought the yo-yo's running the resort I work for must be restaurateurs because they sure don't seem to know anything about running a Ski Area.
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Wow, Utah49, I thought I was the only one in the country (world?) who suffered through Aspen Extreme. Maybe I better see this one for the sake of comparison...
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Confession time! [img]redface.gif[/img] I also saw Aspen Extreme! Toss up for which is worse!
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What is the name of the movie? I may see it just so I can complain about it.

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Icebreaker. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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OK, not a ski movie, but somewhat related: Vertical Limit. The cheese was just so intense I had to turn it off after 20 minutes. I loved when the Richard Branson type character helicopters in then pushes directly for the summit of K2 the next day (after partying all might, of course). OK, I can take some dramatic license, but this movie stretched it to the breaking point after about one minute.

The Killington movie actually sounds like it would be so bad that it would be entertaining
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I forget the title, but there was some cheezy ski flick set at Whistler, that was on cable last year. Typical "ski bums want to meet the hot chick" subplot while skier from West Bumscratch gets a chance to race against the best, and of course wins.

The only thing I remember clearly is a scene where our hero is taking a leak right on the outside edge of Whistler Village. He looks to his side and there's a bear doing the same thing next to him.

Never saw that at Whistler yet [img]tongue.gif[/img]

We ought to have a "cheezy movie night" at the Bears Gathering.
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I think there are some Bears at Whistler right now -- maybe they could re-enact that scene...
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Are you guys kidding me? "Aspen Extreme" is quite possibly the best movie ever made!!! I mean, how could you nopt love T.J. Burke and Dexter Rutecki. And the plot is one of the more believable I have seen in years! Two guys move from detroit, find awesome pad in aspen, both become instructors, and eventually win the ladies as well. This movie has everything that you could want in a movie. Love, betrayal, heartbreak, and well a guy skiing in a santa suit. If thats not enough for you, than i don't know what is. [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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Actually, one of my students dated the film maker. There are many "half truths" in that film, but I'll never tell! [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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Can you remember which cable station it was on?
The reason I'm asking is that at the end of my trip to Whistler last season, my mate's video camera was stolen.

Oh, and that wasn't a bear... he's got a very hairy back.

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