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Looking for ski recommendation to mount my Fritschi Freeride Plus bindings on

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I recently picked up a pair of Fritschi Freeride Plus bindings, and now I need a pair of skis to put them on. I went to REI yesterday and saw that they have the '05/'06 Salomon 1080 Gun on clearance for $350. Is that a good deal? I have Salomon Pocket Rockets (which were replaced by the 1080 Gun, of course), and love them for all conditions, but I'm not sure if there's another ski I should get that would be similar/better. Anyone have a recommendation?

I already have 3 pairs of skis (Volkl P50, Volkl 724 Pro, and Salomon Pocket Rockets), so I'm looking for something that's going to be good as more of a dedicated off-piste ski. It doesn't need to be necessarily great on the hard-packed, etc.

A little about me and where I ski....I'm about 5'10", weigh 180lbs. I live/ski in Colorado. Because I bought the Freeride bindings, I'm looking into doing a little more backcountry skiing.

I'm trying not to spend lots of $$$$ if I can avoid it, so cheaper is better. However, that being said, I'd rather spend more $$ and get a better ski than save $$ and have something I'm not going to be happy with

Thanks everyone!
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My buddy has his Free Rides mounted on a pair of Black Diamond Havocs. It's his only rig and he loves 'em on and off-piste.
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I have a pair of 177 Atomic Rex for sale. Ask around and you will get some good feed back on the Rex as a back country ski. Mudfoot seems to love his.
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Originally Posted by dookey67 View Post
My buddy has his Free Rides mounted on a pair of Black Diamond Havocs. It's his only rig and he loves 'em on and off-piste.
I should have mentioned...I'm not really looking for tele skis. Thanks for the reply, though!
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just to clarify, the Havoc is not marketed as a tele specific ski. i've ridden it with Fritsches and it's not much different than so called alpine skis out there other than it's lighter than most and perhaps a little stiffer than some.

my buddy does NOT ride freeheel. he has the Fritsches on his Havocs, and rips it up when we got out on and off-piste. He likes the lighter weight for trekking. plus his shoulders never get tired on the hike back to the parking lot (whereas mine do with my heavy Volkls).

if you're looking for something lightweight, you might want to check into the BD series of planks.

then again if you're looking for more heavy skis, probably not.

i'd demo.

actually here's a recommendation for you:

since you already have some Volkls, why not try the Mantra. A few Epic folks on here have Freerides mounted on Mantras and love 'em

Also, you might want to post here:


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I know several people who ski the Havocs AT and they all love them. It is a pretty beefy ski. I would not hesitate to mount them with Freerides.

A lot of people are going real fat for the bc, but you will have to haul those big boards and heavier wide skins everywhere you go. Fatties can be nice on the downhill but you will be spending the vast majority of time in the bc climbing. A ski like the REX with a 84 mm waist and light construction is a good compromise. It is an excellent crud ski and can handle powder (or anything else for that matter) with no problem. I ski a pair AT and another alpine as my all-mountain ski. Mantras are great skis, but they are not on the light side. If you are young and stong you may not care, but a lighter setup pays dividends every step of every climb.

Twin tips can be a hassle in the bc since the skins do not want to stay on the tails when climbing. I would also recommend getting used skis, since you will be banging around on rocks and logs a lot more in the bc than on area, and you don't need perfect edges off-piste unless you are doing icy chutes in the spring. It aint a fashion show, get a ski that you can take anywhere and not worry about beating it up a little.

If you are concerned with saving money you could probably buy Utah49s REXs (or something similar used) and new skins for less than the price of those 1080 Guns. Save your money for a transciever, shovel, probe and avalanche school. They'll serve you better than brand new skis, which'll really only be new the first time you use'm.
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I already have a transceiver, shovel, and probe. I do need to take an avy class, but haven't done that yet. I'll probably look into it early next season.

And, you're right....now that I look at the Havoc on Black Diamond's website, it's considered a "big terrain twin-tip". Sounds pretty cool. I might have to look into it.

I bought the 1080 Guns from REI last night, but I can still return them. I just didn't want them to sell out in case I decided that's the ski I wanted. Now I have to determine whether I want to spend an extra $200 on the Havocs.
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OK, so it looks like you really wanted to buy the Guns to go with your new Freerides and you started this thread hoping to get someone to tell you to buy them. They should work fine except for the fact that with true twintips like the Guns (unlike the slight twintip Havocs) you can have problems with the skins wanting to come off the tails of your skis while you are climbing. Make sure you cut them with as little ski bottom as possible showing at the tails or you may get snow forcing its way under the skin and negating the effects of the glue. Once this happens it is very hard to get them to start sticking again until you dry them out, which is almost impossible to do outside. I recommend that after you put the skins on rub the tails with your bare hand to heat up the glue and start with as much stick as possible. When you take the skins off keep them inside your jacket to warm them while you ski down if you intend to put them back on again.

The Havocs may be slightly better skis for what you are intending to use them for, but probably not $200 better. See you off piste!
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Actually, the only reason I bought the Guns was because I didn't want the deal to go away. They only had 2 pairs in my size on clearance, and if I decided that those were the skis that I wanted, it would "piste" me off if I didn't get them because they sold out. I'm still considering the Havocs, actually. I kinda like the idea of having a different ski. Like I said, I already have Pocket Rockets, and the Guns are basically the same ski. So, maybe I'll wait til I see a sale on the Havocs, or something like that.

Thanks for the info/hints on the skins. I will definitely keep that in mind.

Thanks again for all the help everyone!

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Goode Vision 96's. And I happen to have a pair for sale.
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I believe the Havocs generally sell out and there is a good chance that you will not find great sale prices. Here is part of a review of the Havocs. The construction (Desonlite core) and demensions are very similar to the REXs. Utah49 really does have a cheaper option for a very similar ski.

Black Diamond Havoc

Dimensions: 120/88/113. . Lengths: 163, 173, 183. ..Weight (183): 8 lbs (3.63 kg)


The Havoc has a symmetrical raised and reinforced topsheet designed to distribute the skier's weight out into the sweet flex zones in the tail and along the forebody of the ski. The C-Matrix material consists of a layer of woven glass/alloy, impregnated with vaporized aluminum, that serves to add to the Havoc's torsional rigidity and contribute to increased dampness. It is wrapped around BD's familiar Densolite foam core, which is formed into the Havoc's unique 3 dimensional shape. Sidecut is 26mm and turn radius is 22.7m, nearly identical to the Atomic 10ex/Rex skis to which the Havoc is often compared.
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I'm no fan of Solomon skis, But I picked up some Scrambler Customs on ebay for some spare AT bindings. The skis were $205 new in plastic, light weight, funky notched tail which just happens to be great for skins, and they have a fair bit of sidecut for an 85 mm waist ski. I used Havocs one day last year and I think i actually like these more. At $205, whats not to like about that?

These things, except I got them in 180cm

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How about Rossi Scratch BC WRS? Kinda like the Gun but with some wood in the core - nice and light, still performs on the groomed, highly rated
I have a pair for sale - 06/07 in 171, 178, or 185 - your choice - still in plastic. $400 plus shipping?
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Originally Posted by Philpug View Post
Goode Vision 96's. And I happen to have a pair for sale.
How long, and how much are you asking?
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179 or 188 PM Gear Bros. Superlight and they're some of the best skis out there.
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Mounted some naxo 21's on a pair of 188 soft bro's from last year and I couldn't imagine a better AT ski setup. They are super light, yet even in the soft flex they are torsionally rigid (surprising b/c they have a 99mm waist and no metal) and have a really nice flex. Less of a sidecut than the more common skis out there which is nice in the softer stuff. Can still carve on hardpack but they are meant for the deep. pm me if you have anymore questions...there are also tons of reviews out there check tgr
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