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As a gaper, then, I can't comment.
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I was in JH this last March also, and I commend the earlier poster who had the balls to jump in. It was not in good shape at all, with a long drop, so I opted out every time I skied by.

I dropped in several times in 1989 when it was ski in, with fantastic conditions. Went in the left side. I have a pic around here somewhere of one of them. Never exploded, but my friends who all tried it once (we were 18 and they were not qualified, but still 18) all exploded. Very funny stuff to watch. Since my 89 visit, I have never seen conditions return, and haven't worked up the courage to do the right side. When conditions suck people jump of the right side (downtram) with a long drop hopefully into powder, or they angle in, and do an angle land with the slope to their left, shedding some speed, and popping a quick turn onto something below that is grippy.

SS is scary for the true rock stars. I saw a guy huck it from the tram as I went up, and my heart stopped for him.

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As one who spent a season in Jackson, 4 in No Tahoe and numerous trips to Whistler, Utah, Taos etc my own opinion is that places such as Snowbird and Whistler and Jackson are all in the same ballpark. Tahoe to me just has lots of short steeps(yes, quite steep) but nothing remotely sustained and so isn't in the same league.

I think S&S is probably the toughest in-bounds bit I have seen and agree that Corbets isn't rediculously hard, although it does get the blood running because of the setting. The Tram, gapers gawking, rock walls surrounding the landing area which is usually on the hard side unless following Bob off the early Patrol tram.

Jackson really isn't overated, is bigger than the bird, has more vert, and has unbelievable backcountry. The bird more snow and more consistent conditions and some definite steeps. Whistler does have everything because of the sheer size, which has become a bit of a draw back in the last bunch of years, but you have to love the terrain, backcountry, and steeps that are there. All great places to make some turns, and they give you a better chance of those turns being in the fresh than most.
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