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B-Squad boots

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Does anyone know if the liners for these boots are heat moldable or anything, the foam around the foot seems very dense. just curious, great boot just not too much around about it.

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Boots that have heat moldable liners will be identified as such, and the only ones I know of right now are the Tecnica Hotforms and Dalbello Kryptons w/ ID liner. All other liners can be heated up to encourage the boot to pack out in less time, but they are not truly "heat moldable." The liner may, however, have "flow pockets" that contain a cork-in-gel suspension that will form around the ankles. This is accomplished much more readily by skiing the boot than by heating it up. I know the Rossi Radical WC has the flow pockets, I'd imagine the B-Squad probably does as well. You can check by removing the liner and seeing if it has a little velcro pocket near the ankles.
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