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Money Talks

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My local mountain has long held the position that helmets are a matter of personal choice and no staff member should make any pro-helmet remarks as that would give people the idea that snow sports are dangerous…… ya da ya da ya

This year's advertising on the web page:


No disrespect meant to these fine sponsors, they do a super job for the mountain and I am glad that they are $starting to $how management the light.
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The resort where I patrol ahs over the years shirked the issue for the same reasons. Myself, being the first of the patrol to don a helmet and provide pro form prices to the other patrollers, Safety and Ski,now almost half wear helmets. This year, the shop here is giving discounts to all employees who want one. Less work for me.Our organization also has a policy of reimbursing anyone on patrol $50 toward the purchase of the helmet of their choice.
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