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Thermoflex Liner Spot Fit

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I need to increase some volume in the toe are of my Thermoflex liners. Is there a way to heat just this area of the liner so I don't have to cook the entire liner again?

Any recommendations on what to use in the toe area while the liner cools?
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you could use a hair dryer or better yet a paint strip gun. Be careful not to melt it. Just get it soft so it squishes down easy. For what to use I suggest your foot and boot shell. Just pack lots of stuff around your toes, kleenex, paper towel whatever. Use lots. Expect it to hurt lots if you have enough stuff in there. When they cool and you pull the crap out and try then on again they should feel great. You're better off to just remold them but you could try this first.
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When I cooked these at the shop, they used one of those neoprene toe caps and I still have very little volume in the toe box.

I was considering heating it up and then shoving something else in the toe area besides my foot to increase the volume.
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When I form them I use the neoprene toe caps AND extra kleenex or whatever between the toes, under and over the toes, on the front of any potential problem toes. If they have any bunions or protursion over the instep or whatever I tape extra stuff there to form an extra little pocket. Do the buckles up tight at the toe that will compress it more and give you more volume. Do them up loosely mid foot that will give you more material still in that area to help hold your foot back so your toes don't come forward. Flex forward to move the heel back in the pocket though to use all the length you have. That's if you're heating the whole liner again.
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By ski_steep
When I cooked these at the shop, they used one of those neoprene toe caps and I still have very little volume in the toe box.
Previously by ski_steep:
So I cooked these last night at home. Did my homework- made a toe cap, used some toe spacers, etc. I cooked them for about ten minutes in a regular oven at 200 degrees.
: Have the liners been cooked once or twice? If they were cooked at a ski shop just take them back and get the toe and instep issues addressed. There will likely be no charge for the work and no risks involved. If you cooked them yourself, you can probably spot heat them with your foot in the liner and additional material as described by L7 but you need to be patient if your are using a hair dryer or very careful if you are using anything that will generate more heat while your foot is in the liner. :

Although Thermo Flex liners can be used in a lot of different boots, they were initially designed for Raichle Flexons which have a fairly low instep. I'm not a bootfitting expert so I'm not sure how best to address your instep issue but I am sure that it can be addressed as almost all boot issues can be.

Without meaning to sound like a broken record, I would advise that you get the work done right by someone who has done a lot of Themo Flex liners. They are your feet, you don't want skiing to be a painful experience and liners cost $'s. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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They were cooked twice. Once by me, and once at the shop, although I don't believe the shop did anything differently than I did.

Hadn't considered going back to the shop for fix but hey, I did shell out some $ there for fitting. I have a pair of Flexons that must be 15 yrs. old that I finally retired last year. Found some brand new ones in BC, only now the boots say "Kniessel" instead of Raichle. Without a doubt the best fitting boot I've found for my narrow, low volume foot.
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Kneissl and Raichle are the same boot it's just that they market all alpine boots under the Kneissl name now that they have been aquired by Kneissl. Their hiking boot line is still marketed as Raichle.

As far as I know, the Flexon boot last only changed once for a season or so and then went back to the original specs where they have since remained. If I'm not mistaken that one last change involved lowering the instep, widening the boot at the ball and making some buckle mods. I think it was called the Flexon SL. Any way Phil P. is the resident Flexon expert here and can correct my understanding if it is in error.

I've owned a four pairs dating back to the mid 1980's. When I heard that Kneissl was pulling out of North America I bought a pair of last season's electric green (some say slime green) Flexon's in Tokyo as a spare pair. Flexon's are very popular in Japan and can be found in a lot of shops there.

Good luck with your fine tuning.
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