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Atomic skis

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I was wondering if anyone has skied both the Atomic Beta Ride 9.22 and Beta Ride 9.20, and can give their opinions on the two skis. I'm also considering the X-scream Series and Bandit X. Thanks for your input.
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Last year when i was demoing midfat type ski's i did demo both the 9.20 and 9.22 ride ski's. By the way they dont make the 9.20 beta ride ski anymore or at least they didnt show it on there web site this year. Still make the 9.22 not sure if it has changed since last year. Anyway i really couldnt tell the differnce between the 9.20 and 9.22 ride ski's. I hated both of them. Now the 10.20 ride ski was quite good. But i ended up liking the K2 Mod X ski the most, now called the Axis X. I also demoed the X-scream series ski and thought it was ok but didnt excell at anything.

Keep in mind that Atomic 10.20 and now they have a 11.20 beta ride are new ski's and i havent skied either. But i would guess the 10.20 ride ski, this years model (2002) would be closer to the X-scream Series ski in performance. I thought the 9.22 was to wimpy of a ski and am only 158lbs.
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I have the 9.22 from last year which is slightly different than this years 9.22. I like the ski alot. I'm 6ft 175 lbs. and ski it in a 180cm. Good in the trees, crud, carves really nice on groomers and is a really lightweight ski. It's my first shaped ski. Don't know anything about the 9.20 so I can't compare. The Bandit X from this year is probably what I would have gotten had I not bought the leftover 9.22. EVERY review I saw on ths ski gave it RAVE reviews as a superb all mountain ski. I'm still planning to try this ski out if I can find one to demo. If you ski in the east like me, go short on length for easier control in the woods.

Good Luck
Jeff J.
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The 9.22 has gone through a few changes since coming to the market in 1997. The one constant has been the shape. I used the 9.22 for the 1st few years, but then switched to the 10.20 once they became available and then the 11.20. As the higher performing 9.20, 10.20 and 11.20 were developed, the 9.22 has been tweaked to fit at the easier-to-ski end of the advanced midfats. The 9.22 has been the biggest selling midfat in the Atomic line for a reason. It works very well.

The Ride 9.20 has also gone through a few changes. The original grey with burgundy lettering shared the same shape and core as the 10.20 of the same year, but without the titanium profile top skin. The 2000/2001 Ride 9.20 had a revised 'V' shape, whereby the tail did not flare out as much proportionately as most other ride series skis. Also, the waist was reduced to 66mm, making it a wider regular width ski, or a very narrow midfat. The advantage to the V-shape was that the ski intitiated very well, but could be skidded at the release of the turn, or finish more aggressively like a race ski. The 9.20 skied nicely, but didn't do anything special.

Either ski is good, and both should be tried before you put your money down. Next years 9.22 has been changed again, and it does perform with a bit more zing than the last couple variations.
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The 9.22 seemed to be the most popular instructor ski in Austria. That seemed like a good sign to me.
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