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New Skis for my wife

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My wife is looking for new skis. She's a high level 5 skier (Canadian scale of 1- 6). We ski mainly Whistler and spend about 60% our time off piste. We've been looking at mid fat skis the handle crud well but can also do an OK job in moguls and on the groom.
Someone recommended the Head Wild Thangs or the Nordica Olympia Conquer. She liked the Head M72 didn't like the M82's as well.
Any suggestions appreciated.

She's currently on Rossi B2's but finds them a little dead. She wants someone more respondsive
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Maybe a Volkl Queen Attiva. Still fat but able to ski the frontside.
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Whoops posted too soon... just noticed you said 60% off piste (i think i was seeing numbers that werent there again)the volkl AC3 is a better choice. I researched the volkl line extensively (because I just bought the AC2's ) and heard lots of feedback from female skiers. I the k2 t nine series is a big fav too. The k2 website has a ski selector, and that way you could find some choices to demo.
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You didn't mention your wife's build etc so this might be helpful for those of us reading to make a suggestion. I personally love the K2 T9 line, but from my reading it makes sense as I'm a smaller/lighter female skier (5'3 125ish). For larger/heavier women I believe there has been less satisfaction with the K2 T9 line up. I've yet to try any of the Volkls - hope to soon - so I can't specifically speak about them. For the type of conditions you're talking about if she might like the K2 T9 line I'd say have her try the LottaLuv. They're a mid fat, but with a nice sidecut and turning radius and seemed to have good edge hold. These are the skis I'm drooling at for my next pair after demoing them at Tahoe last spring - have Tru Luvs now that I do love, but I'm feeling the urge to get more than one pair
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More info on wife

My wife is 5' 8 1/2" and 155 lbs.
Also she been skiing on 160 cm skis. I'm wondering if that's too short.
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Originally Posted by skisailpnw View Post
My wife is 5' 8 1/2" and 155 lbs.
Also she been skiing on 160 cm skis. I'm wondering if that's too short.
I'd say yes. I'm 5'7" and 140 lbs (male) and my skis are between 165 and 175 cm long.

Have her look at the Dynastar Exclusive Legends in a 165. My wife took one run on them and bought them she's 5'5" and about 130 lbs. She's a solid/high level 9 (psia).
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Volkls have lots of energy, if that's what she's looking for. I demo'd the Attiva AC3 a month ago, and found that it would be a good all-mountain ski. At 60% off piste, she may want something a bit fatter.

And yes, I'd go up to a 165 if I was her. I'm 5'3" and 135 pounds, and ride 160's.

Get a few ski ideas, and demo, demo, demo!
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For 60% off piste, Volkl Queen Attiva (Karma), or Aura (Mantra). I love my Karmas in crud but she may want something wider for the kind of skiing you do.

Here's the link to Volkl's womens line-up:
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For the NW and what you describe: 163 Auras. Case closed...
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Indeed with that knowledge I might send her away from the K2s. Also if she's game for it (ie not intimidated by longer skis) I'd think she might go longer. I'm 5'3.5ish and 125 and currently ski on 153s and would consider going up to 156 if that was the sizing the skis I wanted were on (as opposed to go down to 149s)... so prolly going up to 165ish would be good.
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