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fischer rx6 or rx8

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37 years old, 5'10 and 185 lbs and i ski about 8-10 days per year, at what i believe an intermediate level. all my skiing is done on the east coast (pennsylvania to vermont) and i'm looking to upgrade my equipment. i mostly enjoy groomed blues and some blacks, and i'm starting to venture into the world of bump skiing (although not yet on the steeps). time spent on the easier slopes is generally at a fast rate of speed (i.e. faster than 75% of the other people on the mountain).

i am intrigued by both the fischer rx8 and rx6 (165-170cm length). i know the rx8 has received rave reviews (both from the press and members of this forum), but the rx6 seems to get no love. what gives?

would the softer flex of the rx6 be better as i experiment more and more with moguls? would the rx8 be too much ski for me at this point (both from a performance as well as additional $). what say the masses about choice of length?

any input would be much appreciated.
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Skiing and Ski Press have given high marks to the RX-6. This month's issue of Ski Canada awarded the RX-6 its highest marks in the Cruising ski category among all testers. The review mentioning that it has a wide performance envelope among other mentioned qualities. It has done well in the ski shops. There have also been several reviews of the Fischer RX-6 here at Epic. Using the search feature would likely help you locate them. It actually might be a little more mogul friendly because it has a little less sidecut than the RX-8 and no metal to possibly get bent in the bumps.

The Fischer RX-8 has a somewhat more turny sidecut and has a titanal sheet in its layup. The RX-8 has managed to get a lot of things just right for a lot of skiers. As a result, has become a runaway best seller (by Fischer USA standards, anyway) and a favorite at Epic. Either one would likely be a good very good choice for you with the RX-8 overtaking the RX-6 at the higher end of the performance spectrum and in making tighter turns. It's really your call.
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I have to recommend the rx8. Sounds like we are similar in skill and ability, I ski mostly in the midwest with a couple of western trips a year.

The RX8 does everything I want it to and does it very well. I can't say much about using it in bumps but it works well overall.

I'm 5'7" and 200#'s on 165cm, when I bought mine last year from dawgcatcher he recommended the 165 for me in the midwest, out west probably a 170cm. Talk to dawgcatcher, he is a wealth of information on skis and very competitive pricewise.
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The RX6 has been described as "90% of the performance with 50% of the effort, compared to the RX8". The main difference with the RX6 will be less stability at speed.

I would consider the RX8 in a 165cm or a RX6 in a 170cm for a person your size.

If money is no object, get the RX8. If value is important, the RX6 works very well for mid-level skiers.


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I think most of the advice you've received here so far, especially from lostboy & barrettscv, is spot on as to the differences of these 2 skis. They're both great skis, and I doubt you'll be unhappy with either.

I've recommended both skis to many and haven't heard of any unhappy customers with either. That said, while you could likely handle the RX-8, as a rising intermediate interested in exploring terrain (bumps) I'd recommend you go with the RX-6.
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I have a pair of 165cm RX6s. I'm 35, 5'5", 140lbs, and an intermediate/advance skiier, all New England skiing. I actually bought the RX6s (I got mine off eBay at a great price) specifically for skiing with my kids, because I found that my other skis (157cm Atomic SL:11s) don't do well and required too much effort at low speeds. I had figured that there was a significant difference in performance between the RX6s and the SL:11s, I didn't demo the RX6s before making the purchase.

After some time on both pairs of skis this year, I'm very impressed with the RX6s. The performance envelope of this ski is huge. I can take it anywhere, including steep bumps which are tricky with the SL:11s. And while the SL:11s definitely have more sidecut than the RX6s, I found the RX6s very good at carving short radius turns in the icy man-made conditions we have this year. While some have said that there is a speed limit with the RX6s, I was unable to find it. And best of all I can ski more without feeling completely drained, which seems to be the case after a couple of runs down steeps with the SL:11s (or maybe I'm just getting older). While the RX6 may be overshadowed by it's bigger brother, I think it definitely warrants a look and a demo for any intermediate to advance skiier looking for a versatile ski.
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I own the Rx8's and really like them but the RX6's are a great value and had I not managed to get a real deal on the 8's, I would have purchased the 6's. SierraJim had the 6's on sale a while back at a great price. Check with him. I'm thinking 170's in the 6's.
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I cant speak on the rx6 but I just switched from the old crap to the parabolic last season and the rx8 was my choice. I'm 5'9, 180 lbs and I chose the 165 cm.

Keep in mind that the last time I had skied was roughly 10 years before last season, on straight skis, at about a level 6.

In just the short time that I've skied them this year (probably 11 or 12 times) I have seen a huge increase in my skill and would say that I'm at a solid level 7 (possibly getting close to an 8).

They are a ton of fun on fresh groomers, solid through the crud, and great in the bumps.

The best part is that there is still plenty of room to grow on these skis while my skill advances, and when you don't have the pockets for a quiver that becomes a very valuable attribute on the choice you make.
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Another vote for RX8. For your size and if you like speed, RX8 is the one.
Mine is 170cm.
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