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Fischer WC SC or SL?

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My 160cm Fischer WC SC's are starting to loose their grip and I am wondering if I should replace them with WC SL's. My SC's lasted about 40 days of hypercarving and now they don't grip on ice as well as they used to. Part of that might be because I weighed about 150 lbs when I got them two years ago and now I weigh 175 but also I really enjoyed bending the daylights out of them and I think they have lost some torsional regidity.

I am tempted to get SL's because they have better grip and should last longer but I am concerned that the SL's might be a little too much ski and not as versatile. Back when I weighed 150 I tried a pair of 04/05 SL's that were 165 cm and they were substantially stiffer than the SC's and not nearly as versatile. (By the way, when I weighed 150 it was due to a health problem. Now I am back up to my usual healthy weight.) I loved the SL's but preferred SC's because they were grippy enough and versatile enough for soft bumps. Back then I thought the 161's SL's wouild be better for me than the 165's but now they are only available in 155 or 165cm. Now that I weigh 175lbs I wonder if I would prefer 165 SL's or 155 SL's more than 165 SC's? How are SL's in soft corn bumps? I would mostly use them on firm groomers but on Spring days I like corn bumps and I would hope SL's would be at least managable in rounded corn bumps. I don't race but love to carve. I appreciate any comments.

I ski about 90 days per year and have WC RC's and a couple of pairs of powders skis for softer snow. Tahoe is my teritory.

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My 165 SCs seemed to be loosing their ice grip, but a file fixed them. Sometimes a stone isn't enough.

You should also consider a longer SC.I don't know about your SCs, but mine have a 13 m radius at 165, and at my 165 lbs, I think that any stiffer and they would loose something in terms of versatility in softer snow. Longer skis also tend to be stiffer.
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Ghost - Thank you for getting me thinking about the edges. I thought they were sharp enough because I sharpened them with a file the night before I skied them and then started this thread. I keep the the sides at 86.5 degrees and the bottoms at .5 degrees. Although I usually just use a diamond stone, the night before starting this thread I used a file and then polished with a stone. After reading your post I remembered the skis were "Race tuned" at a shop last Spring and maybe they dulled the tips and tails. Last night I sharpened the tips and tails and today the skis were noticably better. Not as good as new but acceptable.

I would still appreciate any feedback about the versatility of WC SL's because I might want to buy some fresher skis this Spring.

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DT, I wish I could advise on the SLs, but I haven't tried them; they don't demo race skis too often in my neck of the woods. Still I do think my skis are a tiny bit softer than they were when new, so I suspect your's are too. Since you have those for the soft corn bumps, why not get the SLs regardless?
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Ghost - I was going to sell my SC's but it would be fun to use the SC as midfats and SLs as firm snow carvers. I will consider keeping both.

Because of the lack of snow, I think skis should be getting cheap soon. :-)

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