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Thinking about escaping the rat race, where to go?

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2-3 BR
Close to skiing (.5 hr away or less)
Jobs: Wife, Counselor (or CFO), Me, Sales or even ski industry based.
Up and coming place

High cost of living

Ogden area (must be a ski industry job there)
Canada? BC? Alberta? The health care system is a plus.

Open past that.

Fustration where I am and my wife is getting dumped on where she is. We have 4 yers of college to pay for coming up, which we could pull from the equity from teh house, but we are thinking about getting out of the rat race. HELP!!! All thoughts accepted.
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I've lived in MA, CA, MO, TX, NC, RI, NH and CO. I'll take CO - Steamboat is on my radar. Look into it and let us know what you find.
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kinda reminds me of Aspen Extreme:

"Know where we can find a place, ya know, 2/3 bedrooms, view..."

"...yeah, Kansas"
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The "close to skiing" requirement is a little vague. How close and what kind of skiing? How small of a resort would you be satisfied with?

Your Whitefish and BC choices bring up the question of weather, and more particularly sunshine. Would you be happy in the northwest with lots of rain and very little sun, or are New Mexico and southern Colorado with 300 days of sun a year (but less snow) more attractive? I've lived in Montanta and it is a long grey winter with a mud season for at least a month and a half each sping and fall. Around here we can mt. bike and golf an hour south all year long, or hit 14,000 peaks and hour north. The problem for me has always been that the best places in the winter are not the best the rest of the year. Always compromises!
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Maybe that place exists and you can find it, I wish you well in that endeavor. I've been conditioned to believe I have to endure a rat race so I can enjoy skiing because it allows me an opportunity to"escape" the day to day and participate in someting that is a great outlet and source of joy.

It sounds like you have a better plan. Keep us posted and good luck.
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Steamboat is now Intrawest land. Make of that what you will regarding "the rat race".
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I like my toys..I have them because I can afford them (or have the connections to get them). I would be fine w/o some of them. Plus I can wheel and deal for what I realy need.

For the most part, I am a simple man with simple needs.

Housed are real cheap in the Ogden area. Snowbasin is soo close. After reading the Utah thread, I am leary.
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Originally Posted by Philpug View Post
For the most part, I am a simple man with simple needs.
Dropping the golf requirement?
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Well, since Kansas is actually flatter than a pancake....

Try Anaconda. It fits all that you require
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If you don't mind the damp climate, look into the Portland, Oregon area or the greater Seattle area. Seattle itself is expensive, but I believe the surrounding areas are cheaper. But, it does rain out there almost all winter. You have to be able to handle the climate.

Re Canada: I don't know, but have always heard that it is not that easy for US citizens to work in Canada. If I could, I would go to Vancouver in a heartbeat.
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What about Reno?!
Sparks and some of the out lying areas are affordable and the skiing ain't bad.

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Bend, OR

(popular place to escape Bay Area rat race)
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Originally Posted by comprex View Post
Dropping the golf requirement?
Well, as said above, we do have lots of grey days in WF, but we also have golf, lots of it. And the golf day is LONG. Since we are so far north and at the west edge of the timezone, the day doesn't end until 10 PM or so and I hear (not a golfer) that tee times can start at 8:30 PM. We also have lakes to boat or fish on, mountains to hike, rivers to kayak on, etc. Real estate has skyrocketed, but nowhere near some places and C Falls would still be just a half hour away from The Big Mountain but lots cheaper than WF. Real estate link: www.nmar.com. And there's a house (not ritzy) down the road from me listed in the high 300's. It may need work, but it's a mere 16 minutes from the ski area parking lot, even closer to golf and has two acres.

And actually, for all our grey days, if you live in NJ, that state gets DOUBLE the rainfall we get here. We say, "People COME for the winter, but STAY for the summer." Low humidity, cool nights, long days. And in the winter, no one in the lift lines. There's a Subaru dealership in Kalispell.
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VT isn't too bad. Works for us anyway.
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Ogden Rocks!

I would consider Ogden in a heartbeat.

If you want a job in the ski industry that is definitely the place to be:

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ask on tgr
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Portland area...Yes it rains alot, but most of the time the skiing is great and so is the golf. Not too expensive to live out here yet, but trending that way. Besides, you'll get to hang w/me.
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MY .02 ---IMHO escape is a fantasy -there is "no" escape from life .

The reality is that.everywhere will present unique frustrations . The key i believe is to "adapt and deal" with life . There will ALWAYS be some "overly nervous, AH who will drive you nuts IF you let them .

That said , small town vt, nh, nny lake placid, all offer the ability to simplify . We came to small town America from the city right out of college and have thoroughly enjoyed this environment for 4 decades . Our kids ( all sucessful professionals in Boston and manhattan ) and our grandkids all luv to come back up here every chance they get to ski , swim , relax in a place "where everyone know s your name"

Good luck > Life is not a dress rehersal so know yourself well before making a mistake
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Japan. World's second largest economy, population in massive decline and is considering (highly) about importing 100's of 1000's of immigrants to take up the slack. tech heads, healthcare and education personnel are highly needed. around 600 ski resorts on 3 islands. The world's most efficient public transportation network accesses ALL of them. Japanese not required but will develop on it's own. Oh wait, you wanted to escape the rat-race. nevermind. (if my ski-bum self can handle it, anyone can. Outside tokyo is very 'country')

think major corporations like sony, toyota, panasonic needing english speaking people to rewrite translations, and negotiate with clients over seas. also, if you have a degree, you're in via any major U.S city's recruiting office and will be earning 30-40K/year before you even arrive.

japan has already grown, but the population is going kaput. job security= lock-down secure. that full-benefits-for-life thing that is fading in the states is standard too.

Most ski a few days a week. plus, that 4 years of education you have to pay for could result in a multi-cultural sibling who understands the ever-so-developing global market more than his/her monolingual counterparts growing up in a (becoming) service-oriented economy. (no, I did not say that the japanese educational system is better than america's.)

Ok, maybe this isn't jumping off the page at you, but I thought I would post it for those who crave job-security and world-class pow. Japan is not all neon. and I need more ripping partners to share my gondolas with. I'll bet there's less than a 1000 powder riders on all of Japan's 600 resorts. (not including the aussie tourists up north of course.)
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Maine - Sugarloaf USA - with golf!
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SLC- buy a victorian in the avenues, high enough to get the Wasatch front view, and get a pass to AltaBird. All done.
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Booking a flight to Japan right now...

okay, not really, but Sam's posts always get me thinking.

How about Montrose? I was just there over the weekend.

And Gunnison?

Not sure about all the Utah hoopla, but my buddy out in Moab is seriously contemplating relocating to SLT, if only to escape the bitter cold and desolation he is currently enduring. And be closer to the slopes.
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Alaska?.. Denver area kicks ass but its 1.5hr drive to the closest resort.. But I would rather drive 1.5 to ski loveland/A-basin than drive 2.45 to crowded Kmart..
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No one has said Michigan?
Okay so we only have about 400 ft vertical here, but its skiing, and seems to put a smile on my face!

If you're looking for a job, my husband could always use another Heavy Equipment operator, and his secretary makes fresh cookies for the employees every day, he allows early ends to the day to hit the slopes on a regular basis(heck, I'll ski 5 times this week)

Just a thought
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Seems to me you've got to set up a tour, research the real estate listings at each place first, and compare some of the basics at each place to narrow it all down. Then visit each place DURING THE OFF SEASON when you won't be trying out the skiing and golfing and using up precious "real feel" time.
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Originally Posted by coug View Post
Wifes sister is there, Wasilla. Alaska isn't quite big enough for these two sisters ;0

Originally Posted by trekchick View Post
No one has said Michigan?
And for good reason. :
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I'd have to second the suggestion for Bend, Oregon. Mt. Bachelor in your backyard, and Mt. Hood an hour or two away. Last I heard, they had a great growth rate, esp. in the upper middle class segment.

Compared to other places, I bet it still has a very favorable cost of living. And from visiting there, it seemed to have all the creature coforts while still being out in the middle of no where.
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Originally Posted by StormDay View Post
Bend, OR

(popular place to escape Bay Area rat race)
Having been to Bend for the first time this past November I liked the area.
I did not get the impression that realestate was cheap? I t would be an area worth investigating.

I like where i live and will never (NEVER LEAVE) but we have enough people here so look elsewhere.

Utah Salt lake area is a good bet for someone who needs city but wants to get to sking and outdoor recreation fast.

Look hard for a reason to not go to Utah. It may be the best bet.
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First off, Denver to Loveland is less than an hour w/o traffic (that's a big assumption though! I live 15 min north of Denver and can make it to Loveland in an hour on good days). What about Evergreen, 15 miles west of Denver? Small community, prices are "reasonable", and its a lot closer to the resorts.

Personally, my favorite town in Colorado is Crested Butte, hands down. RE is still reasonable, the views can't be beat, the ski resort is right there, and you've got a whole world of BC skiing out your backdoor. Not to mention hundreds of miles of hiking and mtn biking trails. If I can ever figure out how to move there and work a full time job, I'm there in a heartbeat.
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Evergreen? I will check it out.
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