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base damage after crash

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To begin my story, I was in a lesson with another student doing a demo of how you are supposed to ski. All was well until one turn never happened. I went flying off the trail at approximately 30-35mph and got smacked around by a few branches before crashing into a pile of large rocks. Unfortunately I fractured my knee cap and will miss a month of the season.
I am hoping to catch the last few weeks of the season in march once I can remove the brace on my knee.

My skis now have fairly deep scratches and a large gouge taken out from right under foot. I think it may have gone through the black base as it is a few mm deep and there appears to be wood showing through. How should I fix this? I will probably just send it to the shop and get a stone grind and tell them to fix it, but just want to make sure.

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Sorry about your luck jgig. It sounds like the ski is still sound. A shop will do a base section repair. Prolly ski like new when you get back on them in March.
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A core shot and a busted knee. Of all the darned luck. The core shot is easier to fix.

Got pics?
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Sorry to hear about your crash and busted knee. The base repair is easy. Good luck and mend fast!
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