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XWing Tornado? Any opinions?

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Just looking for some feed back on the Xwing Tornado's? Would they be a good choice for a trip to Kicking Horse and Fernie? We are heading there at the end of Feb. I am currently on a pair of GS P60's, which are great for eastern cruising. I was wondering about the 178cm length. Has anyone tried them in bumps?

Many thanks for any help.
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I own a pair of the X-Wing Tornado's in 162's. They are an absolutely fantastic ski. I took a bit of a risk with them, and bought them without having demoed them (they're also my first pair of skis I have actually bought).
I skied them in August in Treble Cone and Cardrona of NZ. Super rock solid, but very light too. I found in tight spaces i could really "muscle" them around and throw them wherever I wanted them.
Stability at speed was not an issue, and in my whole week of skiing I didn't hear them chatter once! (i was really pushing it speed-wise too!) They turn beautifully on a groomer, and in response to your question, handle very well in the bumps. The lightness of the ski makes it really easy to come the whole way down a mogul run, without feeling like you have really exerted yourself.
I can't really account for the ski in powder conditions, as snow was fairly bad when i was there. If you want to know more, message me!
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Have demoed last year's Tornado and Fury. T is great on ice and in bumps, light pow, rewards finesse, just OK in crud, they ski short. OTOH, if you're buying a pair of skis aimed at BC, why not something wider? If you like Sollies, hard to go wrong with the Gun for a light big mountain do everything ride. Or if you also want something for the east, this year's Hurricane is last year's Fury, same light quick feel as the Tornado, but more beef, float.
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What are your stats and ability level?
Approximately what percentage of your day do you ski on groomers vs. ungroomed or off trail?
How much appetite do you have for deep snow?
How deep are you comfortable with?
Would you like something to focus mostly on deeper snow?
Would like the most improvement in moguls?
Would you like something for all around use that is just better than what you have now for the West?

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