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Cheater ski size question

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I am considering purchasing a new set of over-the-counter Atomic GS 12pb's for NASTAR. I competed last year on a set of 2005 race stock 165 SL 11m's and posted my best times ever - gold almost across the board where I had previously seemed mired in silver.

On short tight courses the SL's were amazing, incredibly responsive and locked in like lasers. However on some of the more GS style courses, I felt the short radius and length kept me from going as fast as I could.

Since the race stock GS's have a very wide radius, I think they wouldn't benefit me very much - I'm thinking the shorter radius of the otc GS's will strike a better balance.

I am 5'10 and 175 lbs. My old 175 9X Rossi race stocks were a little ponderous. Should I consider looking at a 170 for NASTAR or is 175 a better fit for the majority of NASTAR courses, which seem to be a cross between a slalom and a GS.

Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

Tony in NY
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check out the Fisher's

The Fisher RC4 Race SC might be something for you to consider just as I am. I plan to use it in Nastar as well. At 165 it has 13m Rad. 116-65-98...I have not skied it but it sounds like it is a really good crossover SL/Med Rad GS. I started off looking at the World Cup version, but thought they are probably a little to dedicated to either SL or GS..The Race version is a little softer and I'm thinking I might carve the first two gates better as a result.

Here is the company line:

This ski is the hybrid of the Race series- it combines the best of all the skis in to one ski that can perform in giant slalom, slalom and rips as an all-mountain groomer. The softer ski opens the door to a wider range of skiers looking for the racing edge. This ski comes with Railflex2 system.
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I would stick to the Fischer WC RC. True race construction with a GS/SL sidecut. Try to find a 170cm.

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I am little torn between the RC4 Rc's & the GS 12pb's. Reviews give the RC better grades in the all around but the GS seems to score higher in pure race applications, which is really what I would use them for. I am willing to suffer of the course to get the best race performance. I do like the flow flex design, but the power bridge also seems to get high marks. Anybody out there who has tried both skis?
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I am getting out of the same ski but a 185cm which I sold last season . I have a 175cm 9x with race plate fks 120 left over for sale. I really want the Atomic GS race Ti in 182cm but can't find it anywhere.  Someone told me to try Fischer RC WC Pro in a 179 for my radius I am looking for.  Atomic d2 GS race is my other alturnative.  I also race beer league with 22 handicap and need to knock 3 seconds off to be as fast as top beer league racers.  I think a short radius and a lighter ski is the ticket but maintain length is still important.  I am 5'5 and 190lbs.  Any suggestions would be helpful.  I also ski a Volkyl AC 4 in a 163 for bumps and lazy day skiing.  The racing ski is heavy and tired my fat ass out all day

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Hello nyctone. I have tried both the Fischer RC and the Atomic PB12 and prefered the Atomic PB12 for Nastar and Business League Racing. I have a pair of Mint Condition '07/08 Atomic Pb12 175cm skis with Neox 412 Bindings for sale in the For Sale Gear section. Asking only $300. plus shipping to Epic Members. I really liked them but have changed to the newer Atomic D2 Gs (Double Deck) ski for next season.

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Tony, I had an RC4 WC RC in a size of 170/15m radius and they were excellent...

Seems like the 2011 models have a different  sidecut116-71-100, therefore they have a little longer radius-17m.for lenght of 175... You are exactly my size/5' 10''-175 lbs. From my experience I would recommend even 180 supposedly with 18m radius, because 170-175 is simply too short and the 18m radius will still be OK for Nastar and beer league races...

Again this is just my opinion and experience.. You'll have to ski a few times with WC GS skis/any brand with R>27.5m and then the 180's will feel like slalom ski.

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