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EpicSki is having performance/technical problems

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EpicSki is running vBulletin 3.6.3 and TGR is running 3.6.4

EpicSki is slow to pull up threads, ridiculously slow to quote in replies, and sometimes completely fails to pull up pages for me.

TGR is lightening quick and succeeds in any forum function.

Please look into what's going on with EpicSki and why it is having problems. It's only recently (like sometime in the past month) that the replies with a quote problem really started for me. I'm using the same computer and same browser with both sites so I'm thinking it's got to be something about how EpicSki is setup.

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I think the problems started when we upgraded and there was some kind of glitch. Dchan spent some time on it but I'm not sure if he undid the upgrade until he figured out the problem or -:-

The real problem is that all of those who are the brains of that particular operation are at ESA Aspen Snowmass.

I'm sure they will be checking in from time to time so maybe we can get some answers.

I'm not having a speed problem with Epic Pages loading but maybe its my good luck at the moment.
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I am really really slow, playing Spider while I wait for things to load. And this has been going on for weeks.

Oh, yeah, I have DSL download of 3 meg, so that can't be it.
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may or may not help -- but worth doing

in your IE window go to Tools: Internet Options and delete your temporary internet files (offline content, too) and your history

also we all tend to leave our machines in states of running alternating with hibernating ... good idea to do a cold boot from time to time.

I only suggest because I have zero speed issues so, maybe it's not a site issue.

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I have no problems and Haven' had any other complaints either.
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I'm in IT by the way - I know all the tricks and deal with computer networks for a living.

When holding all other variables constant (computer, software, etc.) the difference between the EpicSki and TGR boards are like night and day on my systems.

I'm interested in how long it takes some of you to load some example pages. I believe it may be the case that you've just gotten use to how long it takes some of the EpicSki pages to load and you have nothing to compare it to. Do any of you also visit the TGR forum?

BTW - I use IE7 and Firefox. Firefox is a little bit better than IE7 on the speed and functionality with EpicSki, but still nowhere near the performance I get from the TGR forum.
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Right at this instant I don't see that much difference in load times between the two sites, but I am sure there is some degradation in performance with more members. And at this instant they have twice as many members logged in.

I'm using IE 6. I don't do .0 releases from Microsoft.
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With the initial screen load times you won't see as much of a difference as when comparing running searches or quoting. That's when I really notice the difference.
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It really varies for me. I have had to wait very long times for pages and response dialogues to load here using very high speed business DSL and mainly Firefox. If I am waiting 20 to 30 seconds, my inclination is to simply navigate away...usually to TGR which has nearly instant page loads. So I feel your pain. Something else I notice is that any video or pictures natively hosted on an Epic server are better left unseen. The delivery time for a minute of video can be absurd. I host all images and video offsite.
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Epic is definitely slower than TGR (I access both with cable or DSL), even when the board is almost empty (my day time, night time for you). I started to notice that a few weeks ago.
Things are slightly bettter with Firefox instead of IE, but there is always a gap between both boards.
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Iriponsnow cannot access the site.
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I'm on a mac using Camino and haven't noticed the site being slow. Can't compare it to TGR though because I go there rarely.
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I've noticed slowness when accessing from home....

Windows XP, IE 6

Firefox is a little faster, but not much...
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I notice the slowness while loading pages, but it really gets bad when I'm quoting/posting. The past few times I have had timeouts.

All of my other frequented web sites seem fine, as well as downloads.
Firefox, Windows XP, Roadrunner.
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krp8128 - exactly, I've had the problems become so bad that the pages just competely timeout.

Just a side note - I can definitely debug much of this if someone at EpicSki is willing to setup some response applets for some performance probes I use in my work. We can nail down exactly where and why the slowdowns are occuring.
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I have noticed that epic is slower now also. Unbelievably so. It took 6 seconds for this reply screen to load from the time I clicked the button. I too work in the IT field for ATT and right now I am connected at work. I just attributed it too a large number of users on line at one time. I have noticed it even at locations that have 50 MB pipes. But I have not had any timeouts yet.
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started counting how long it would take for the post to post. got distracted at 20 it went much farther then that @ 30-40 seconds
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Originally Posted by Noodler View Post
krp8128 - exactly, I've had the problems become so bad that the pages just competely timeout.
Me too
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I just have to say.......SLOW, SLOW, SLOW opening up Topic pages and Threads. Been going on for a long time. I've been tp polite to say anything.

Or is it because I am in the NorthEast??
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From what I can tell locally it's a search problem. The system is getting more and more bogged down with searches. I've increased the time you have to wait to do a second search which hopefully keep some of the bots and search engine activity.

The other thing I've done is begun to create a list of words you are not allowed to search on. Ski, Skiing, Edge, Wedge, Snow, parallel, turn, etc.

Since this is a skiing/snowsports sight, these words turn up with a very high frequency. If someone does a search on "ski resort" for instance and does not qualify the search for the whole phrase, the system will find and read every post that has "ski" in the text somewhere. You can imagine how many thousands of posts this would try to index.

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Originally Posted by Noodler View Post
EpicSki is running vBulletin 3.6.3 and TGR is running 3.6.4
The difference between 3.6.3 and 3.6.4 are not enough to be the problem. The release of 3.6.4 was to fix a very specific security issue and our forum has the patches in place to protect us from that..

Effectively we are running 3.6.4 except that it does not report it that way.

A few other things that would speed up our forum is to begin archiving and pruning old threads like we did in the gear forum. The size of the database is getting huge. Every time you do a page load it calls on some of the search processes to access and build the page you see. These are some of the issues we are talking about and will probably be making a decision soon.

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that makes good sense also took a long time to search for todays post when I used that quick link.
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It's definitely got slower for me lately (and it was already slow). The Sydney Morning Herald loads faster... and I'm in the US, on dial-up. The first page, and then the first page of new topics, and then the first topic I click on is almost go-and-make-coffee slow. as it is, I head over to news and read a few things before returning.
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I've made a few tweaks to the search settings. hopefully there should be some improvement. I'll continue to try to work on optimizing the search engine.
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Faster tonight. Definitely quite a lot faster. can't make any coffee tonight.
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Interesting thing I just noticed, this thread doesn't show up on my user cp when it has new posts!
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Yes, I'm definitely noticing an improvement so far. I'll report back once I give it a thorough run through.
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It looks better indeed. Not TGR-like fast, but definitely better.
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Hey Noodler, is it really faster, or are you slowing down on the drugs?
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I've been experiencing slow epic downloads for a while. I have cable, 5+megs. IE 6 & 7, firefox, laptop and 2 desktops, all slow to load: front page, user CP, any thread, everything. I usually access around 4PM Eastern. I figured it was just a lot of user traffic and high demand on servers. It seems a bit better late night but still slow compared to other sites.
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