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TR: Deer Valley / Park City 1/17-22

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I just got back from a trip to Utah (1/17-1/22) where I skied at Deer Valley and Park City for the first time. I was able to take out my Mantra's for the first time and was able to dabble in the madness that is the Sundance film festival.

I have posted my pics here, my reports are below:

Day 1-2
Day 3
Day 4-5

The skiing:

On Wednesday and Thursday I skied at DV. The mountain was totally empty. It had been very cold the previous week and continued to be cold throughout my trip. This has helped the snow a lot since compared to previous years it is an off year for snow. The conditions were still great though. A majority of the steeper runes were bumped out, I had sorta wished they would groom at-least a few of the steeper runs (a la the backside at Northstar) but 'Stein's Way' was still a blast. The bumps were pretty spaced out and oddly not that hard, they received about 10" of fresh stuff the previous week and I think that helped a lot. The expert terrain could have used more coverage though as I spent more time avoiding obstacles that I would have liked. The rest of the terrain was groomed just about everyday and was in great shape. While I definitely would have like better conditions, I like the opportunity to test my new skis out in these conditions as the other types didn't bother me so much.

On Friday I ventured to PCMR for the first time. It was also pretty empty and the conditions were similar to Deer Valley. I had a blast skiing there, they had some great cruisers and steep groomers (Silver Skis and Silver King). They had also groomed Blueslip Bowl of off the Pioneer lift for the first time all year so I lapped it a few times. The conditions off of McConkey's were a little poor though, especially in the trees. Jupiter lift on the other hand was awesome, it sorta reminded me of Granite Chief at Squaw. I took a few runs to the left of and under the chair, conditions were better than I expected. What I was really surprised about was the terrain to the right and up the next ridge. I found hidden stashes of powder in the trees and the bowls were in awesome shape. Definitely my favorite part of the mountain.

On Saturday and Sunday I ventured back to DV, conditions were similar to the first two days there, slopes were a little busier, I still didn't wait in a lift line for longer than 15 seconds. DV is pretty spread out so I ventured to other parts of the mountains, I think DV would be a blast on a powder day, there is lot of gladed terrain. I hiked up to Ontario bowl a few times to get in some great runs in the trees. Saturday afternoon/night it began snowing, but the area resorts only saw about 1-3" of accumulation. Sadly, just enough to cover up some rocks that I hit the next day. As usual LCC turned that 1-3" into 6-7", kinda wishing I made the drive over, was just so damn close to slopes at DV I couldn't bring myself to make the trip.

I think I preferred PCMR over DV, as it seemed to offer more challenging terrain. I had a great time at both and would recommend either to someone on a trip to Utah.

Other related tidbits:

Left early Wednesday morning with hopes of getting a half day in and taking advantage of the free lift ticket on travel day (which you need to pre-register online to do) (thanks to those on the forum who told me about this). My Delta flight was on time, but for some reason it took them 40 minutes to unload the 8 pieces of luggage that were on our small plane. After I finally got my backs I picked up my shared ride with All Resort Express (www.allresort.com) (thanks again to the forum for the suggestion). I was very pleased with their service, we left within 5 minutes of getting my bags, and the driver even offered to call ahead to my lodging to confirm my room was ready.

The people I was with discovered a great delivery ski rental place that I was really impressed with (http://www.skisontherun.com/). They called on the drive from the airport to the resort, gave them their information (height, weight, skiing ability, etc.) and by the time they arrived at the resort the delivery service had arrived with skis and a couple pairs of boots to try on in case they didn't fit right. I was originally not keen on the idea as I had some skis in mind for both of my friends to use (Volkl AC3's for one, and Volkl Supersport S5's for the other) and wanted to go with them to demo. The guy who arrived selected both of those skis for them, we spoke for a while as he actually beat them to the resort, he seemed very knowledgeable. There was a little bit of a markup for the service relative to walking into a shop to demo, but it was well worth it if you ask me (I had never heard of a service like this before). They offered the option to switch skis at anytime during the rental, even if you were on the slope, not just at the end of the day, they would be there in 30 minutes to swap out the gear (at no additional cost). At the end of the rental they obviously came to pickup the gear as well.

Sorry for the long winded and probably nonsensical review. I'm an engineer not a writer.
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Nice trip report. It's good to see skisontherun getting some pub. I actually bought my wife's skis from them off demo, and they have always been really helpful and friendly.
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Very nice post.


I always love looking at your Squaw photos. They are awesome!!
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nice report, great pics. Ws you able to watch some of the Freestyle Championships?
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Originally Posted by tahoetr View Post
nice report, great pics. Ws you able to watch some of the Freestyle Championships?
I think that was the week before I was there. Those pics were of some kids who were having a competition on Sat/Sun.
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Nice pics and TR.

I see from your photos I missed something good by not going to Jupiter Peak (day 3, IMG_0011) when I was there last year. I didn't go over there cause it doesnt look like much from the Jupiter Lift (IMG_0029), where it is at the end of the ridge that curls around to skiers right (IMG_0028). Lots more interesting looking from the other side!

Sounds like a great time.
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MDF, Sounds like you missed the best at Park City. That Photo shows The Chutes above Puma bowl. They are taken from the top of the Mcconkey's lift. I would assume then you also missed the Mcconkey's lift. All that back area of PCMR is some of the best skiing that PCMR has to offer. A glance at a trail map would have shown you all the double black Diamond runs and Bowls back there. A short list includes Puma Bowl, Mcconkey's, Sunrise trees. The Black Forest. From the Jupiter Chair you missed West face, Jupiter Bowl Portuguese Gap, There be Giants, and Scotts Bowl.
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Well, I didn't miss everything. I had a very limited amount of double-black time cause it was a family vacation.

The odd thing is, I did ski the McConkey's chair once or twice (coming down McC's bowl) -- I must have been so focused on it that I didn't look the other direction from the top of the chair.

THe other spots I hit were under the Jupiter chair, about 1/2 way around the ridge in your IMG_0028 (I thought there might be some powder scraps along the side of the trees there- no luck), the ridge over towards Scott's bowl the other way from that chair (boring by comparison, IMO - I'm not sure exactly which line I came down - I may have gone past Portugese), blueslip bowl, and (my favorite, maybe) the short but steep trees under the pioneer lift at the edge of blueslip.

I was looking at unpossible's photos, saying to myself, "Yeah, I recognize that." "Skied that, was fun", "ok, didn't have time for that", "skied that", .... "Whoa! Where is that?" I had to look at a trail map to figure out what it was.
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Specifically, these trees

These were under the Pioneer lift.
Working from just a trail map, its hit or miss whether you find the best spots or not.
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Puma and the chutes may not have been open due to Avalanche work or coverage issues. If you had gone just past McConkey Bowl on The Tycoon run You would have found The Black Forest. The closer you are to the bowl the steeper the trees. There are some very scary lines in there, that I won't ski. My Nephew does, and skis it like the fearless skilled 22 year old he is. You may have missed Scott's Bowl it is a long treverse out to the bowl, It is better and steeper then Blueslip. Blueslip is a lot of fun on a Powder day. Heck even when it is bumped out it is fun. next time your in the area You might want to give Mr Crab a heads up. He knows that mountain , So does Powder. I no long live in Park City. I do find it funny that it took nearly 10 years for me to get slightly bored with PCMR. You know if PCMR wasn't so close to two of the best to resorts in The Nation, Alta and Snowbird. It would get a lot more respect. It seems to be the Rodney Dangerfield of Utah skiing.
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nice TR.

Originally Posted by mdf View Post
These were under the Pioneer lift.
Working from just a trail map, its hit or miss whether you find the best spots or not.
The 2nd pic looks fun.
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