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The Mangy Moose

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Anyone know what's going on with the Moose?

Heard it is shut down.
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Ate their twice in August, but haven't been to Jackson since.

This week's JH News had a story abbout a 69 day party at the Moose which ended up with two of the "Wet T-Shirt??" contestants parading around in their birthday suits, so I think the Moose is still the same old rowdy place it has always been.
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The Moose was closed yesterday and I was told it was closed for good - something about the building's owner etc...

I don't want to start any rumors so I won't elaborate on what I heard. I was just wondering if anyone knew the whole story.

Love it or hate it the Moose is/was a JH skiing institution.
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From what I can remember reading in the JH News, the buisness, but I don't think the building, was sold a couple of years ago.

It is not unusual for the Moose to shut down for a few weeks during the fall, and then open again the first week of ski season.

With the buisness that the Moose has I can't imagine it will stay closed for the ski season.

Any Jackson locals with first hand knowledge???? Closed, sold or just resting?? :
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I read elsewhere recently the building the Moose is in was being torn down to make way for some new structure, but the bar would reopen by ski season in some slightly different location.
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Lots of good memories there. 75 wet T shirt contest was great. Also recently was reminded of a film they used to have back then called "Vicious Cycles". The bikers and the nerds on Vespas didn't have anything under them(air). One bike company has a commercial like that where their rider is the only one with a bike, the other two are suspended in air.
The best man in my wedding started The Rocky Mountain Oyster in Wilson then moved it there in 75. I went there sometimes twice a year for the next 10 years till he sold it.(He's a realtor in Florida now) :
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The moose is just shut for the off season, the managers were just let go, and someone new will be in soon. They did construction right next to it, which use to house Teton Village Sports and some rental unit that belonged to JHRL, they are putting in couple story unit with stores on the bottom level. The manghole is still an over price place to drink - real folks go to Out of bounds.
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Problem is that you just can't fit that many real folks into Out of Bounds.
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