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Mantra length

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I've been skiing the AC4 in a 177 this year. Great ski, but I was skiing up at Whistler in the bowels off Spanky's and the AC4's got pushed around a bit in the crud.

What do you think for the Mantra's length- 177 or 184? I do like the occasional bump run and tight tree run and thus was thinking the 177 might be better suited, but obviously the 184 will blow through the crud better.

Me- 5' 10", 175 lbs, 43 yo

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I'm 5'10", 165 lbs. Strong level 8 skier (maybe 9...I dunno).

I've been skiing the 184 the past 2 seasons and couldn't be happier. It's a bit of a toss up between the two lengths. I felt the 184 was much better in powder & crud but didn't give up much, if anything, in tight turns or bumps.

If you do a search you'll see a pretty even split of opinions between the two lengths. If you're planning on keeping the AC4 for harder snow days then definitely go 184.
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im the same height and weight, 19 yo. I have them in a 177 mounted -2.5cm

if you think you can handle a longer ski, go for it, i wish i did.
either way you cant go wrong
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*duplicate post*
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I'm 5'11" 185
I ride the 177.

I rode it predominantly last season (also have the 177 Karma).

I didn't notice anything wrong with it, but at times I tend to be pulled more into the backseat and have to really stay on the tips to find the sweet spot.

After hearing other's thoughts, I kind of wish I'd at least tried the 184 before buying the 177's, but I got a little over anxious last season after demoing for 2 years and just plunked down on what had felt good after several demos.

I took my 177s to Colorado recently and enjoyed 'em on the hardpack out there (I took 'em because I was counting on that "killer" storm they predicted for the weekend of the 14th, which never came). Anyway, I am still curious about how the 184's would handle, but the 177's turn on a dime, carve nice and never feel too unstable straightlining a slalom groomer. The only time they feel skittish is when my toes would get cold and I'd lose my boot to ski feel.

So, it's really a matter of taste. I personally would try and demo both, which would be the best thing to do.
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i am 5'9" and 150 with a very strong racing background. i have a pair of 177s that i got last year and felt they were a little short when i really started charging. i think for your weight etc. the 184 would be pretty nice. i wish i had gotten the 184... but that's me.
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6foot tall 170lb humongo thighs and like to go really fast. I felt the 177s were too short but loved the 184s.I could handle the 191s but snowbird has many tight spots and I actually like to turn. Dont own them yet......
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I'm about your ht/wt. I love the 177s, which I have. I'm sure I'd love the 184s too- that's what most people get in our size. I got the 177's because all my skis have been in that range lately and I didn't give it much thought past that.
The last time I demoe'd the same ski in two lengths was when the Volkl 5* first came out. I liked the 175 because it was really manuverable in tight spots and crowds. I loved the 182 for the big turns, stability and speed. I sure coulda got both, they were just different, not one better. I got the 175 'cause it was more sensible...

That said, I've missed the extra length on the 177 Mantras only in deep (18") powder and crud, and this year being what it is, have come to love it's nimbleness on hardpack. Not to say that it's not fabulous in the deep stuff, a little more ski would be more stable and easier to ski, not as critical fore-aft balance wise. No problems with stability or speed on hardpack or really anything. Not my first choice for bumps. I may get another "big day" ski, but there's no hurry. The Mantra is the best all around ski I've seen in years. Everything else in the rack is gathering dust. I'm not sure this helps except to say that it's hard to go wrong.
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Crab Man:

" I got the 177's because all my skis have been in that range lately and I didn't give it much thought past that."


That's kind of what I did. All of the skis I demoed the previous 2 seasons were all in the 175-178 range.

Ideally I'd love about a 182 (I have a pair of 180 No Ka Ois and really enjoy that length, but then that ski is relatively stiffer than the Mantra).

I never even considered trying anything longer than a 178 as all the skis I had tried seemed a perfect fit.

Again, if you have the option to ride/demo the 177 and 184 side-by-side, DO IT (drop your voice deep and emulate Ben Stiller from Starsky & Hutch: DUUUE IT!)
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Quiver should dictate choice of length, IMHO

Hi Mr. Sun,

I’m 5’ 10”, 180 lbs and a long time powder skier. I have a pair of 184cm Mantras and they fit perfectly into my quiver at that length. I’m tickled at how quick they are and how well they handle powder bumps.

However, as you can tell from the responses there is no right or wrong answer at our height/weight regarding which is the best length for this ski. There are obvious advantages and disadvantages to both lengths dependant on where you ski them.

I will suggest that the choice between the 177cm and 184cm should be dictated by how they fit into your quiver. That statement includes a quiver of one as well as multiple skis. Given that you currently own a pair of 177cm AC4 I believe the 184cm Mantra would best round out your quiver. It would compliment, instead of compete with, your other ski. As an example I have the 184cm Mantra, 177cm Karma and the 168cm Allstars. Given that I live in the Sierra and most of my skiing is done there that mix of skis gives me a perfect tool for whatever conditions I’m likely to encounter. To pose a hypothetical situation if I could only have one ski given where I live it would be the 177cm Karma. If I was deadest on the Mantra and restricted to only one ski it would be the 177cm Mantra. The previous statement is colored by how much I like to ski bumps. Factor into your decision where you ski and what you like to ski and I think your choice will be clear to you.

Finally, the good news is, this is one fun ski and whichever length you get you will have a good time on them!

Have fun,

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